Friday, 8 February 2008

Its my creation - is it real?

So! I've moved. I know. End of an era and all that. The only thing I will miss is my blog and my video's so I have moved the blog to here (obviously) and I'll put my video's on Facebook.

Who's with me??! I said "Who's with me?!?" (at this stage Dorothy should stand with a goldfish bowl and say..."I'm with you Jerry Maguire! (orLeanne Diggins)" And then we'd leave and then you would have a little boy who tells me facts like the human head weighs 8lbs etc. Then the numbers of the blog would go down but then Cuba Gooding JR would rescue me and loads of people would come and read it. And I would say "Show me the readers!" And then I'll have built it so they'll have come....

Has anyone heard the song "To build a home" by The Cinematic Orchestra. Its simply lovely. Its sad but lovely. I recommend whole heartedly.

I do hope you get used to this place I've brought you to. I hope you stay.

OH yeah Caroline Clifford has a great blog - and its got picures and EVERYTHING and when I get my head round the very simple "blogspot" I'll add her link. For now though here is the page to visit daily

Its GREAT. I love her. She loves me. Its mutual.

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