Thursday, 21 February 2008

All I ever wanted, all I ever needed is here in my arms...

Just got back from the hospital having had an ECHO (echo) scan of my heart. And to be perfectly honest I don't feel very reassured. The lady that did it said they'd be in touch.... I said is it anything serious? And she said "No not serious serious." great. What does that mean? I really really wish I had the same head on my shoulders that I did a year and a half ago. The one where I didn't worry about stuff like this and didn't let it consume me. Oh well, just got to wait and see I suppose. I know, I'll do that counting of my blessings thing.

Here they are:
I have a lovely family
I have lovely friends
I have a nice flat that is mine.
I have a good job
I have good boobs
I have nice cats although one is bitey.
Recent events that seemed all wrong have been a blessing in disguise (disguised as pain, anguish and rejection - Oh YOU!)
The help is out there.

Tonight I'm meeting with Ms Caroline Mabey, who I haven't seen for a good while so I'm looking forward to it. We were supposed to go Lindy-hopping tuesday just gone but I was ill so now we've moved it to just drinks. I expect we'll get merry although I've really not been drinking anything lately, well not since friday. Not bad for me. Its all thanks to listening to anthony davis on LBC (my mate) who was talking about units in alcohol and I worked out I'm not sure of how many are in certain drinks. Thats not very good is it?! So! New plan - watch the units.

Still not smoking - day 4! Tres bien.

Tomorrow I'm going to Karaoke with some old friends from TV Travel Shop in Bromley. They're all a jolly bunch and I haven't seen them for years. Good old TV Travel Shop! GREAT DAYS! What about the time when Mr Motivater (real name DEREK) came round to us Call Centre clerks and tried to motivate us to sell more holidays! Didn't work unfortunately - personally, his colourful spandex put me right off.

Right thats ya lot for today. Having a bit of a day - will be more jolly tomorrow

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