Monday, 2 March 2009

I know you won't believe it's true, but I went with her 'cause she looks like you. (My God)

Woh a busy week which saw me out every single night last week - my first night indoors was Saturday just gone and I was shattered.

So, last week, yes. I did the Davina DVD at my friend Louisa's on Tuesday and it bloody hurt. No wonder she looks so great! For two days it felt like my thighs were literally seized up for good - so tight were they I could barely move. I must say that the Davina DVD is much better than Natalie Cassidy's "Then And Now" excercise vid. Which should be named of course "Then and Now and Then again". Made me cringe so have sent it back to LoveFilm. Once again Love Film, I do not love.

Wednesday I met up with the legendary Hevver Bevver in Greenwich for a couple of beers. I love meeting up with her cause it totally rights my head. I was gettin' a little cufuddled last week about certain issues and doing lots of questioning myself, but since meeting up with Heather, I'm clear again. The same goes the other way, if she has an issue we can talk and talk but keep it simple so that hopefully she sees the light.
She stayed the night and what I love about seeing her is we wake up the next day and the first thing she says is:
"And you know, I just need to examine all the of the options with teaching... ya know?". As if we'd never even slept - continuing right where we left off.

Friday was spent out in Camden Town of course. (Of course!) A couple of the guy's from our team were leaving so it was a bit of a mini Reunion with loads of old faces out. It was nice, cause a guy who I had a mini-fling with last year was there and I was able to chat to him for a bit. Its sometimes a lil' awkward (for me anyway!)when I see him but this was cool and all normal, which was ace - line drawn under and on we go! S'how I likes it.
Also, I hung out with my buddy Simon who always makes me feel lovely. (Specially when we're doing sambuca shots.)

INfact! I can't believe what a great night it was, normally I end up making a dick of myself at these things. I can't for the life of me remember doing that on this occasion. Granted I told a couple of people about a waxing experience I'd had that day (in detail) but that's ok! I even got the last train home. Happy days.

When I got home I decided to call my mate in Australia to tell her how much I missed her, was 12noon there and I thought that highly amusing. Why, I do not know.

By Saturday my flat was looking extra tip-age and I had to be up early, for Lauren and Lou were coming over for a slap up luncheon. That was a CHORE (not them coming over but the clearing up of all the crap). Lauren got over at 11:30am to start the cooking (she has to learn... She can't cook so I've told her that now she's got a beau, she should be able to cook for him.) Louisa turned up about 12:30pm with some white wine and soda water. WELL, it would be rude not to sample the wine I felt, so proceeded to share a couple of bottles of wine with Louisa (Lauren went off to her trapeze lessons(!)) until around 4:30pm. At about this time I got a call from my friend in Australia telling me how much they missed me, all drunk. Ah loving the drinking and dialling this weekend, its been frequent.

Stayed in Saturday and did my nails. How girlie. Then Sunday was up bright and early for some SW1 radio action. It was OK, but I wasn't massively happy with it and the links. I've noticed that my concentration isn't so good so really have to er....concentrate on that. After this Lou and I went our separate ways and I came back to my flat and did some chores and cooked myself a Roast Chicken dinner YUM. A nice weekend all in all.


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