Monday, 23 February 2009

And you said something, you said something stupid like, love steals us from loneliness....

Well that was a good weekend! YAY.

Friday afternoon I had a dinner booked with my girlfriends at a restaurant near me. Louisa said that she went there when she "flat-sat" for me when I was in Australia. Apparently you need an introduction to the owner before you can book a table and when you're in there they LOCK the door! I love stuff like that. It was GREAT and the food was amazing as was the company. Claire had a great story about the worst date she's ever been on. HAHA. I'd love to write a book on these disaster dates I hear about, I could add a few of my own. Anyway I made friends with the owner and he gave me his card, so I am now IN! Yeah!

Saturday morning I woke up with a headache cause I've been off the booze lately so it seems to effect me alot more now when I drink. Still, I'd planned to go for a walk with my neighbour/friend Katy and walk we would do. What a beautiful day it was Saturday! We went up to the Observatory in Greenwich and I saw a doggie on a skateboard. How cool is that! Katy mentioned to me about one of her mates who is going through a really tough time at the moment having just been finished with by her man. We talked at length about this, because this person is really really low at the moment. All of her plans are out the window and she feels like she has to start again and that's a really scary prospect. I remember it well. But Katy and I were saying, if only we could pass on to her how WE feel at the moment. Its honestly, honestly ok to be alone you know and even though she can't imagine it now, there's a way out back to feeling good. Aw heart-break sucks massively eh.

Later on Saturday afternoon I met Evie, her boyf (Matt) and their pal Brooke. I felt a bit nervous cause it was a bit of a set-up really but we got on well and he's all Canadian and funny. We had loads of fun, but I was supposed to leave at a reasonable hour but the wine made me stay. Stoopid wine. But also THANKS wine. YAY. Anyway, I ended up getting home at silly-oclock and nearly had one of my SPECIAL hangovers the next day. I dragged myself to the radio station (thats dedication for you eh?) and cobbled together a reasonable show. I did mess up a few links though, next saturday there will be no drinking so next Sunday sees me speaking sentences that actually make sense.

Sunday arvo was sofa time. Me and my sofa are in love.


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