Monday, 16 March 2009

So, throw those curtains wide. One day like this a year would see me right....

Finally, FINALLY some decent weather. I appreciate blogging about weather might seem a little dull but that's just tough because I love it!

Before I do though I'll tell you a little bit about the weekend. Friday night I took my team to the pub. Aren't I nice! Yes I am. Then we all left at a reasonable hour and I went home and watched Comic Relief on TV. I dunno. There's something depressing about that show.

During Friday night I was "washing up" and I accidentally flung red wine down my matte white kitchen wall. This did it for me. I'd been putting off a trip to Wickes for long enough. Loads of stuff has been going wrong in my flat that requires Wickes action to right it and the wine incident was the last straw. I hate this store though. HAAATTTE it. Stinks of BOY. The whole thing intimidates me because as independent as I am, DIY is something that I can't do, it always goes wrong and I normally make the situation worse. Still, I had to go.

I called up a couple of girlfriends and asked them their advice on what to buy. I knew I needed some paint for my kitchen wall. Karen helpfully advised me on this, she said I needed one with a silk finish. Great! On my list it goes. S-I-L-K F-I-N-I-S-H. Now what else? Ah! Halogen bulbs for the kitchen. I managed to stand on a chair and get one of them down, to show the man in Wickes. Next, varnish for my coffee table cause its look all patchy. No-one had a clue about that so I'd have to wing it.

Next, my full length mirror in my bedroom. Last week I'd taken it off the wall to practice my Catface Dancing in front of (I know). And when I went to reMOUNT it, the left hand screw pushed right back in the wall. And now there was a mini hole. So Louisa said I needed this thing called "No more nails filler" or something. So I put that on the list. FFS. The whole thing SUCKED. Anyway, eventually got to Wickes and NO ONE helped me! NO-ONE. There were TOO many paints and also I wasn't sure of the type of white (I Know!). White is white right? Wrong. WTF. How anal can you get. Anyway - after a traumatic HOUR trying to choose everything I stomped off home.

First thing was, the varnish thing did NOTHING. Just stank. And then I moved on to painting and this silk finish thing looks shit and the white is too dark. So now my kitchen is patch city. The main thing is, the red wine splatter has gone. And then with my mirror I just stuck some plastic in the hole cause I couldn't get the "No more nails filler" gun to work (even though on the bottle it said you don't need an applicator) So now my mirror is completely crooked. Infact the only thing that worked was the replacement of the halogen bulbs. Bloody DIY.

Anyway - after this I was chatting to my mate Rachel on facebook and we decided on an impromptu meal out in town. We went for a LOVELY Japanese meal and I got home at a reasonable hour ready for the radio show sunday morning.

Now onto the WEATHER. Well. What can I say? There's alot to be said for Vitamin D isn't there! I found myself grinning like a loony at perfect strangers and saying "Morning!" to randoms. It was ace. On the way back from the show I walked over Waterloo Bridge and it was lovely.

I then thought, I bet Karen's still in bed! I'm gonna ring her to tell her how she's missing out on the nicest day in a long time. She appreciated my call and we agreed on a picnic in the park. My ex-boyfriend bought me this picnic hamper/rucksack thing after me going on about how much I wanted one a couple of years back. He and I only ever used it once. We had a half-hearted game of Frisbee in the park and then an argument. (Those were the days when we were just starting to dislike each other.) So, it was nice to get some use out of it finally. Its got a salt and pepper pot and everything. And on the side is the area for the wine! So I filled those. Also I got a new picnic blanket (the old one had piss all over it, don't ask). We had LOADS of fun and it was so busy in Greenwich but kinda like I was on holiday!

Anyway, these boys kept throwing their Aeroby near us, I suspected this was on purpose and told them so. "Nice one lads, if you wanna say Hi, you don't have to pretend to throw a Frisbee at us."

And now it's nice again! YAY! Please stay weather, you make me happy.

Until next time.


Insults said...

I hate D.I.Y

Anonymous said...

decent weather... in the UK in March... I don't remember that!

Why didn't you ask one of the aeroby guys if he is handy with a paint brush?

OK seriously painting is simple.
1. prepare the walls, poly filla holes, quck rub with some sanding paper, and a quick wipe to get rid of any dirt.
2. get some blue painting tape and plastic sheets, and cover all the areas you are not going to paint. This takes a while, and don't rush it.
3. paint the walls, put a little paint on at a time allow to dry naturally and then keeps adding caots till it looks good. Then add another coat. First coat always looks crap.
4. Carefully and slowly peal all the blue tape off, use a knife if required.

Leanne Diggins said...

OH wow that has got to be the most useful comment I've ever received! Thank you anonymous person. Presume you are male though? Oh are you the australian one??? Sorry I'm nosy!

Anonymous said...

Glad to be of help. Yes, I am male, living in Sydney (that one). Good luck with the painting.