Monday, 9 March 2009

Stop, stop talking 'bout who's to blame, when all that counts is how to change.

SO! I watched two films this weekend. The first was utter pony. "PS: I Love You" Which I had read in book form and thought, I bet the films alot shitter, and do you know? I was right. How unusual that a film would be worse than the book.... Here are my comments, Gerry (man who dies) although was ridiculously good looking had the stoopidest irish accent I have ever heard. He actually sounded like a proper leprechaun. Like someone doing the shittest impression ever of an irishman. Would not recommend.

The 2nd film I watched was called "The Secret" and it was recommended to me by all my non-achieving friends. So its like "Do you wish you could have everything you want?" And I'm like "Er no.... I mean, YES! YES I do." So I watch the film and its pretty good actually but quite long and very very dramatic. And for a whole hour after, I was having like, all these positive thoughts. That's good isn't it...

I had a really nice weekend. Friday night the plan was to go for a couple of drinks with one of my team but after a couple of wines she invited me round to her mate Nick's house cause her and her boyf were going. SO I was like, well its in Lewisham, so why not right? Round we went and we played Sonic the Hedgehog on the megadrive (SEGA!) and danced around and took LOADS of photos. How much fun can four people have! LOADS. Just add a megadrive, a camera and a window that wants climbing out of intermittently.

Saturday evening I went to Louisa's 30th birthday party in Clerkenwell. Twas good fun and we did lots of dancing, got home at a respectable 2am. Not too bad for a Saturday night.

Sunday I went for a walk into Greenwich. The cutty sark's supposed to be back up and er...sitting. And it wasn't. I walked up through the naval college and to the park where a huge storm proceeded to emerge. I DLR'd it home and sat watching it for a bit. Was Monsoony.

This week it is of course Catface Comedy (Wednesday night) at the Betsey Trotwood in Farringdon Road. Starts at 8pm come one, come all.


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