Thursday, 5 March 2009

All the clever things I should say to you, they get stuck somewhere, stuck somewhere....

Wow Friday already YAY. I'm loving the smell of spring today.

Lauren and I met last night to run through the dance for Catface Comedy on Wednesday next week. It's in the form of R&B and its HARD. I keep getting really knackered when doing it but I practiced it last night and I reck I'm getting there with it. Should be pretty funny I hope. Just in case you wondered, Catface Comedy is on next Wednesday and its almost sold out so if ya coming you need to get involved with some facebook action and join this group.

Anyway, what else... There's this guy who works in Camden Town and every time I walk past he always says Hello and totally embarrasses me cause he's pretty letchy and when I go to walk off he's still shouting down the street at me. Today I walked past and he was like "Hey where you beeeen?" and I was like "Erm... no where." So he goes "I've not seen you for ages" And I'm like "Seriously I've been here, anyway gotta go" So he goes "What time are you finishing work?" so I'm thinking I don't want to tell him incase he leaps on me as I walk past. So I quickly thought up a cunning plan (lie) and said "5:00PM, I'll walk past then." And he's like, "No you won't, you'll come in and talk to me, you're beautiful.". Well, that's an offer I can't refuse eh. I just kinda ran off. What a weirdo. Needless to say I'll be walking a different route back to the tube tonight.

Had another issue like this at London Bridge Station. So I'm just waiting for the train and this guy comes up to me and goes "Me and my friend were just having a bet about where you're from. And I think you're Australian." And I was like all flustered and go "Um nope I'm English" and he's like "For real? But English girls aren't usually pretty." And so my inner monologue was like, fuck off, they bloody are. But then I thought, hey maybe he's trying to compliment me! So I get all embarrassed and start saying, well this bag says the word "Sydney" on it so maybe that's why, or maybe its cause I'm wearing sunglassess... (I carried a watermelon) stutter, stutter stutter etc. So I go "Erm thanks" and then luckily my train pulled in and I leapt on. I know the above are kinda complimentary but it makes me feel all flustered and uncooooool.

Met up with that guy Brooke a couple of times this week as well. Note to self though: He doesn't need to know my views on Seal bashing in Canada.

This weekend looks fun. I'm going for a quick drink after work tonight with my team and then off home. (That's the plan anyway) Then tomorrow is pretty free, but I'm gonna walk up to the observatory as usual for some view of London action. Then Saturday night I have my good friend Louisa's 30th Birthday party - coooool. Sunday is going to be ace cause I don't have to get up for the radio show (not that I mind usually but its nice to have a lie in eh?) Hurrah. Will be back on the show next Sunday so never fear.

And finally, watch this. S'funny.

And this:

Have a great weekend y'all.

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