Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Now if she does it like this, will you do it like that? Now if she touches like this, will you touch her right back?

A weekend of ups and downs. Friday night I went to a party in Camden for a good friend who's leaving after 15 years at the company. It reminded me that in just 3 months I'll be doing the "walk of pain" away from the job I've had for nearly nine years. Virtually all of my twenties.

I woke up on thursday morning at around 4:30am, I'd had a bad dream about my last day at work and for the first time, I actually cried. (its not the first time I've EVER cried you understand, just the first time since knowing I'm finally leaving MTV - I cried.). I'm starting to get worried about what I should do and what indeed are my options. I'm kinda doing "an ostrich" at the moment because it seems too hard to face the reality. You see, all of the things I want to do clash. The sensible plan is to get a job straight away, and the not so sensible plan (but God, the one I want most) to go back to Oz for a bit, all clash like a big clashy thing. BAH. When I've made my decision I'll drive for it, but my gosh, which avenue to go down?

Anyway back to friday night. We had so much fun, I was actually pretty nervous because this is the beginning of the end at MTV. All of the old skool massive are on their way out to make way for the fresh faced youth all clambering for a place at MTV. If only I were more of a hermit, I'd never have struck up the valuable friendships I've made in this job ;-). At one point I lived with a lady (Patsy) for 18 months. So we worked together, lived together and played together. We never got bored of each other's company, these were proper good times. Like, you know those Summer evenings where you look out across the sky there's a beautiful pink hue hanging in the air and you're with good company (maybe there's a beer in your hand, maybe not) and you just think, you know what? Life's pretty good, and I'm really, really lucky. That's how it feels when I look back at those days. Ah well. Life goes on. We're all in this crazy boat together even though, there are some we'd rather not sail with.

Anyway - onto Saturday. I was supposed to be going to see Ma and Pa for some lunch action. When I got to Lewisham the train was out and it was a rail replacement bus sitch. GOD. Anyway - I got on the bus and was being magnified through the window by the beating hot sun. An hour later the bus wasn't even nearly in Grove Park. (this is like 7 mins down the road from Lewisham usually). There were children on board the bus and at first, the fart noises they were making at each other were pretty amusing. After around 29 minutes of this though I wanted to smash the window - with their heads. Ok I didn't, but I was getting pretty frustrated. Also, there was a man behind me muttering hateful stuff. Like really dark shit and it was really agitating me. I was thinking, what happens if he's a murderer and he gets so angry with this bumper to bumper action that he stabs someone. Like me. Anyway, in the end I had to get off and head back to Greenwich. Depressing. I went for a wander around looking for earphones (I'm still wearing the sad head phones at present, right now infact) and could I find any? Of course not. Good old Greenwich. I gave up and gazed over the Thames trying to look a bit thoughtful and clever. But then I realised I just looked depressed so headed back to the old homestead.

I was all set for a depressing night in when luckily good old Katy on the 5th floor texted me to see if I wanted to come up for a glass of wine. Of course I did! So up I padded, in my slippers. Totally turned a thoroughly uneventful day into a much better one. You see? You never know what ya gonna get.(did I really just quote Forest Gump? Yes it seems. Apologies.)

Sunday of course it was radio day. I really really enjoyed this. I'm so glad I have this to do on sunday mornings. Sunday arvo my Ma and Pa came over for some lunch (Lasgagne, Salad and for afters, Apple Crumble and custard) and they could tell I was feeling mizog from the saturday traffic debacle, so they brought me a food parcel like in the good old days. Nice one Ma and Pa. We had a right laugh, really really good fun. I love it when we spend time together and its like that. They also brought me a tiger finger puppet I'd left round their house. I expect they thought I could use it.

In the evening my friend Brooke came over for a cuppa and it was fun. I also found this the perfect opportunity to get my tiger finger puppet out and make him speak to it. I'm SO cool.

Right onto other news. THE APPRENTICE IS BACK TOMORROW. I'm going out but I'll be BBC iplayering it on thursday. I can't wait! Its always good times when Sir Alan and co are back on our screens. You know it means summer baby, I love it. LOVE IT.

Tonight I'm seeing Ms Mabey for a couple of beers, tomorrow karaoke and then thursday some Hevver Bevver action. Yeah!

OK better go, till next time.


Anonymous said...

If you came to OZ first and got that out of your system (or emigrated!), then you would have to get a job after that anyway.

So doesn't that make your options either do one (get a job) and always think what if..., or do both (oz then job) with a big smile on your face?

Bet you're smiling now!

Leanne Diggins said...

I am smiling now.

I think I need to do OZ for sure. I have to really - don't wanna have any regrets eh?