Thursday, 19 March 2009

What a place to seal your fate.....a deserted car park, not even a date.

Hey there! Well, what a beautiful few days of sunshine. I've been going on long walks at lunch to the likes of Primrose Hill and London Zoo. Obviously not actually IN the zoo but outside lookin' in.
These are the animals I've seen. Llamas, Camels, these big dog things with massive ears, this horse like thing that has a Bear's head and zebra legs (weird eh?) its well strange and its name began with the letter "o" oh, and some birds. The Llamas and Camels live together, I 'spect this is because they both do regular spitting. Think that's a bit harsh if that's the case.

When looking at the Llama enclosure I had a flash-back to when I was little at London zoo and I remembered there used to be elephants in the enclosure where the Llamas now reside. So sure was I, that I could remember my dad picking me up to look over the wall so I could see the elephants. But there were only Llamas there now! Why would I have this flashback if Llamas lived there? Did I dream it? A boring dream if so eh? Then,THEN! The next day I went up to the top of Primrose hill and there was a map and key informing us members of the GP what all of the old buildings are on the London sky line. So, like, oh look, there's Canary Wharf, oh and there's Centre Point etc. And there in bold print was a sign pointing to the "ELEPHANTS ENCLOSURE" being where the Llamas now live! I find it strange when I know stuff that I think I've forgotten. I can barely remember going to the Zoo, my mum and dad soon stopped taking me because I always ended up in tears. (I can't stand the dull look in the big cats eyes as they pace up and down, almost in a trance.)

I used to be a bit of a 'mare with the old animal stuff. Like once when I was about 9 my mum took me to Gerry Cottles Big Top Circus and there were Zebras there. I saw the ringmaster (maybe even Gerry himself!) cracking his whip to make them run around. Just then, I saw him whip one of the Zebras and I was in complete bits. I cried so much, that afterwards my mum marched me off to see the Ring Master himself to "explain" why he whipped a Zebra. (She didn't like me to be sad you see.) And this ring master (maybe even Gerry himself!) said that the crack of the whip would only sound if contact with the Zebra HADN'T been made. In short he denied the whipping incident. Still I felt saddened by the whole thing.

Woh, massive tangent there. Sorry.

Anyway, here's the point. There isn't one. And there never is.

What else? Oh yeah so Tuesday it was St Patrick's day and a few of us went down to "Pat's Pub" in Camden. It was cool but got pretty drunk as usual. I decided to update my facebook status on the way home. And this is it in copy and paste form:

"LEANNE DIGGINS is on the train from charing cross but sgiukd being less boring instead. I'm not even irish people. Not even irish."

I think that equates to a great night out eh.

Last night had a very different mood to it. Its been a year since my friend Collin died at the ridiculous age of only 37 and we had a remembrance drink at the Hawley arms in Camden. His wife Kelly was there and I spent some time with her to find out how this last year has been for her. Obviously its been horrendous and I can but only imagine the way she is feeling. Here's a link to this time last year and a photo of my friend.

Right, what else... I have a pretty busy next few days. Tomorrow night I'm off out in Camden for a big party, Saturday I'm at Ma and Pa's for some lunch action, and Saturday night possibly another party. Then of course its the Radio Show Sunday morning so can't go mad the night before. (You oughta listen to the show though at 10am Sunday morning)
Next week I'm seeing Caroline M after way TOO LONG and also there's Round 2 of Karaoke action down at the K-Box in Leicester Square on Wednesday. Should be fun if last time's anything to go on. (Can't find the blog from that session but I can assure you it was utter madness.)

And finally a man next to me on the train today was eating an apple in the most annoyingly lip smacking way, that I FELT SICK. Its a deal breaker for me it really is. You MUST eat with your mouth closed, its basic man. BASIC. On top of this loud lip smacking, I was looking at my Blackberry when suddenly a lovely shower of juice from his Granny Smith mixed with his spittle went all over the screen of my phone. What do you say to that? It was an accident right? So I went " Ew Gross" just like a teenager. Great days on South Eastern trains.

Anyway - better go. Bye

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