Thursday, 12 March 2009

Birds flying high, you know how I feel. Sun in the sky, you know how I feel...

Yeah! YEEEEEAAAAHHHH!!! Catface Comedy last night was wicked!(even if I do say so myself). It seems that someone liked me yesterday because there were like NO hitches. Nothing went wrong, all acts were great, all dancing was great, all audience (SOLD OUT BTW) were great. I'm properly happy. The night was also featured in the London Lite as the pick of the day. That never happens either.

The audience seemed to be having a mental time and they ALL got up at the end for the crescendo dance. Also, I actually enjoyed myself too cause although its normally great fun at Catface, I'm usually rushing around or stressing and all that jazz. But not this one, I just laughed. Alot. Happy days. I'm not sure how I can top that night for the next one (April 8th) but I'll fucking try. Huge thank you goes out to all of the acts from last night, and also thanks to those acts who stuck around for Catface madness at the end. And massive thanks to Louisa, Lauren and Robbie, the Catface Comedy TEAM. WOOOOOH! High five homeys.

Oh yeah and you know what? An actual punter asked me out at the end! What's going on? I'm not sure, but it's jolly nice. WOOH.

I only made it into work today at 12:45pm but that's just what happens after a night of Catface. Today there were sniffer dogs at Camden Town tube and I wanted to pat one but the dogs didn't wanna sniff me. Then I remembered that I needed to get the London Lite to see what the pick of the day had said in it. So I went up to one of the TFL men at the station and asked if they had a copy of yesterday's paper knocking about. So the TFL man leads me through to this secret room where theres recycled paper bins. And lined up along near the bins are policemen searching about four druggies. I stepped past them gingerly in case I was accidentally pronged by a stray needle. You know what those stray needles are like. BOINK! Doh now I have hepatitis.

So tonight I am just chilling with my homeys (fish) and then tomorrow its pay day. Thank fuck for that. I sense a Tesco's delivery coming on - life doesn't get much better than this folks.

Oh yeah - back on the radio this Sunday at 10am! You MUST listen. and click listen now.


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