Monday, 30 March 2009

Do the things that you always wanted to. Without me there to hold you back...don't think, just do.

Monday already. This last week's flown by. I've been on the naughty step for most of it. I put myself there, but you know when you just think, Jesus, again? So I'll explain what I did, this can be kinda like confession. Forgive me blogspot for I have sinned. Again. Ah its not really that bad, just went out last wednesday and got STUPID drunk and did STUPID stuff. It was one of those, "suddenly it was the next day" type situations and my friend annoyingly could remember everything. Don't you just hate that? You think you're as pissed as everyone else and then you have THAT conversation with someone and they're all like "And do you remember when you were lying on the floor?" "And do you remember doing 500 sambucas?" "And do you remember storming out of the pub after having a go at an innocent individual?" BLAH BLAH BLAH. No, I fucking don't remember. Sorry. Apologies Apologies Apologies. Evil, cheap wine. Can I come off the naughty step now, please?

Thursday evening I met up with Hev Bev which was great because she's a cool cat. She posted a comment on my facebook wall saying "Are you hungover?" Thursday daytime so I responded by saying "not really but regretful, now say something on my wall to make me look good." So she wrote "Hey Leanne, was really great to be be working on that new show of yours. Can't wait to see you tonight. Love Hev xx" Thus making me look great. Then she posted on my wall "PS: Have you seen my new website" And I laughed, alot. Because I know a few people that seem to conduct their "friendships" in the public eye. As in, on their facebook walls.

A few messages back and forth is cool, but like constantly? I get stuff coming up on my "feed" showing proper consistent communication through use of facebook wall from people and its weird. What are you saying "Look Everyone! We're friends! YEAH! See? LOOK! Its proven I write on their wall LOOK and they reply, SEE??? and we do it ALL the time!". When actually what your saying is, "This person won't give me their phone number." And if they have, you don't feel comfortable enough to use it. Thus you are not friends. Case closed.

Friday I had the day off and went into Greenwich to buy a couple of books from Waterstones. I read the first one that night and the next morning. It was coool. "A kind of intimacy" by Jenn Ashworth. This was one dark book but really really good. I'd recommend whole heartily. Saturday night my friend Karen came over and we went to Bar de Musee in Greenwich. It was a real laugh. But then this man came over and started chatting us up and I was sending him especially negative vibes to make him go slur over someone else. Suddenly he said something to my friend Karen, and she started saying "She does not! Fuck off!" and I was like "What did he just say?" and she said "You don't wanna know" and I was like "WHAT!" And she said "He said you look like Ashleyne out of Big Brother..." FFS! BLEE she looks like this.


So that was nice.

Sunday I had the radio show and of course having only had 5 hours sleep was a bit annoying, spesh with the clocks going forward. Still, had a good time but was SOOOO tired. Sunday Afternoon I was taken out for a lovely lunch by my friend Lee. It was very nice and he said my eye colour is orange and that I have nice hands.

I am still massively tired today and I need sleep. I'm going to the gym today, back on track with that and going to have a VERY easy week. Need some respite I think. I trust your weekends were all jolly.


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