Friday, 22 August 2008

If every man says all he can, if every man is true....

Well a week that's flown by - and has consisted of much.

Monday evening I met with a girl from my apartment block as she was broken into last week and we were working out our secret plan of action to combat the scabby old thieves. It was a bit like a blind date. The complex I live on has its own internet forum (I know) and we first chatted on there. Her real name wasn't "newbie" it turned out.

Tuesday I went out with my mate Ewen who I haven't seen since Edinburgh last year. We ususally always go for a beer during the fest but as he wasn't up there this year, it wasn't to be. Instead we met in La Perla on CHARLOTTE street (though Ewen said it was Rathbone Street which doesn't exist) when I arrived I was all sweaty having wondered around Rathbone Place trying to find La Perla. We drank Margarita's which have tequila in them! YICK! They were pink. Ewen tried to make me believe they were just like Slush Puppies, which was not the case. They tasted like pink and were mixed with Tequila. Not like slush puppies AT. ALL.

Exhibit A:

Afterwards we went to the Pheonix (I was obviously drunk) and we had another couple of beers. During this time I saw this bloke who REALLY gets on my nerves. So much so that back in Feb I wrote about him in this blog.

Ewen and I were very drunk, we decided that we were going to do a duet at Catface Comedy in wigs. It was all very very funny at the time but since our drink up, we've strangely never ever mentioned the duet again.

I have now bought some lovely little fishys. Fanny tails. When I first released them into the wild (bowl) I got one of them trapped in the plastic bag and it was panic stations for a minute. It was wiggling to get out but somehow the air AND water had vacuumed out of the baggy. The fish did a poo and then finally popped out. The fishes names are David and Peter.
Later on I fed the fishy's a pellet each as recommended by "Pets at Home" but they kept spitting them out and then eating them again, spitting em out, and eating again. Weirdos. I got my friend heather to have a look on a fish forum to find out why they might do this, and after much searching she came up with the answer "Maybe the fish doesn't like the taste of the pellets."

Yesterday when I got home from work there was NO water coming from ANY tap. I called Thames Water and then a plumber, praying that I wouldn't get a cowboy like in "Rogue Traders".

They were very rogue-ish. They kept saying they'd be with me in an hour but eventually never came claiming that they would be with me this morning at 8am. Which they were not. EVENTUALLY though a plumber did turn up and he had the foulest breath I have ever smelt. It literally smelt of shit. Why no one's told him this is beyond me. It was a mere £90 an hour for the plumber to fix the problem and when I asked how he'd done it, he gleefully exclaimed "I don't know!".

Finally though its friday so happy days are here again. Tomorrow I have a dance rehearsal and then later on my sis is coming to visit with babba catface so I shall give him lots of cuddles.

Have a good one.

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