Monday, 4 August 2008

I'm only asking, but I think you know.

Right here's the latest. Friday night I went out with some pals from work to the Lockside Lounge. I never normally wanna go to this pub but seem to get dragged along for I'm weak. It was cool I met some nice girls who were very sympathetic about my withered chest problem and also seemed to like my nail varnish.

Saturday my mum and dad came to visit I took them to Red Bar on the complex I live on and the food was lush. Katy who lives in my block and who's from Orpington was also in there with her mum and dad. My dad kept trying to make me ask out the manager of the bar it was embarrassing. It's good that he has his ear to the ground but there are ways and means - I just haven't found them yet... I seem to have lost my cool when it comes to lads.
I saw man I fancy from afar the other day and as I rambled on to him, beads of sweat begam to appear on my upper lip. My inner monologue demanded I remove the said beads, but I didn't want him to know that I was all sweaty and gross, for the light may have been just so that he wouldn't have seen the beads and then I'd have wiped for nothing. I;ve also since discovered that he's nice to everyone cause I read his Facebook wall like a mentalist.
Saturday evening, Karen and I went to IKEA in Lakeside and I bought silly amounts of stuff. So exciting though, my flat's positively transformed. I did DIY when I got home and made a cupboard. Got blisters from the screw driver and all the time was mumbling that a man should be doing this for me. My man preferably. When it was complete though I turned into an "Independant Woman" by Destiny's Child whilst I admired my handy work. I'm so fickle.

Yesterday I was off to Portsmouth to do a gig Mcing for Black Cat Comedy and to meet up with Matt and Nancy in the afternoon. I should explain that Matt is my ex-boyfriend from long ago but when we split up we decided to do something very strange and that was to be nice to each other. A few years after we split I was visiting him and his Ma and I met his then, good friend Nancy. She was cool and a few months later became his lady, so you see, meeting up with them was actually a very lovely thing. They're happy - you can see that a mile off and when you see someone you think much of so very happy it makes you feel warm inside, like at christmas time. :-)
Then came the gig. Now,it was OK. I mean,I didn't do amazing - I've definitely had better. My banter with the audience was better received that my little stories, and we had a good laugh the audience and I, but I know I didn't feel entirely comfortable cause the crowd was so mixed. Like one table would be ROARING with laughter and another table with faces like stone. STWANGE. Hey ho - drove back with Del Strain who was really nice.

And finally, don't forget that it's Catface Comedy this Thursday at The Slaughtered Lamb in Clerkenwell. Oh have I got a treat for you - we've been rehearsing and EVERYTHING. Check it out

Yeah so get involved.

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