Monday, 11 August 2008

I can say, I hope it will be worth what I give up.

I feel fishy. Oh so fishy. I feel fishy and sunny and gay! And so fishy that I hardly can believe (I'm writing this) I'm real. That's right, you've guessed it, someone's got a fish tank. Here it is:

I'm gonna get some fantails which are like goldfish but with flappier, nicer tails. 'Parrently the COMMON goldfish don't like fantails cause they're JEALOUS of their lustrous tails. I can't put the fish in for one week cause the water needs to be treated and everything. I am so excited. It was either fish or a wopping great babbit (rabbit) and to be honest I know that'd end up just being all smelly and bitey.

So, I've had quite a nice few days. Firstly let us begin with a Catface Comedy update. Well. It was great. With a pretty much full room of audience, half of which I DID NOT KNOW which is a great sign. All acts did well - special mention goes to young Rachel Anderson from Hartley Poole. Tres bien. Thanks to everyone involved, its a wicked show even if I do say so myself. Loving the dancing and loving my stomach.

Friday night I went out on the razz in Camden with a pal from work. I did my best to convince her to get involved with a bit of Internet dating and I think I succeeded. She seemed up for it - I dunno - I've signed up again cause I'd quite like to meet some new people. Male, obviously. We'll see, I've had a few emails and interest hits, and I think someone from my work has put me in his faves box - either that or his twin works here. How embarrassing if that's the case. Oh well, you gotta be in it to win it.

Saturday I cooked Duck l'orange for my ma and pa for lunch. I got the recipe from this retro website thing and it tasted ACE. I couldn't believe it cause as soon as the L'orange started to cook I was convinced it would be vomitus but before long it'd thickened up and looked all culinary and delightful. You know, I think I may have a knack for this cooking lark. After which I made my mum and dad take to Pets at Home where in we got the fishy tank. God sometimes I am such a baby. I'm nearly thirty and was saying stuff like, "Noooo, I don't want that one. Its crap! I wanna buy the fish NOW!" etc etc. They were like "The man says no Leanne, you have to do what they say, you don't want the fish to die do you?"

"Yes.." I replied sulkily.

So! Then I did cleaning of my whole house and chucking out three black sacks of crapola making way for my new bedroom look which is coming soooooon! What a satisfying weekend.

In Facebook news I have got back in touch with my first ever boyfriend. I met him when I was 7 years old and we didn't actually go anywhere but I think we held hands and I loved him a bit. I befriended him on Facebook after being encouraged to from the "People I may know" section. He's married with kids. "Surprise Surprise! The unexpected hits you between the Eyes." etc etc. Whatever.

I've started doing singing lessons at MTV. Lots of breathing exercises and harmonies. Today we did Penny Lane by "The Beatles" and I discovered myself struggling with the verse. Why don't I know it proper? Its a classic. I felt a dimwit.

On Friday I bumped into Dynamo the magician in Camden and his manager Dan (or as I secretly call him "Danamo"). I looked after Dynamo at the MTV European Music Awards last year: and it was well cool cause they still recognised me. He's a nice lad very down to earth yet mixes with some real A listers. Leanne Diggins, friend to the stars....

Vote for my friend Joe Davies please on My Space Radio. He's been presenting with Alex Zane every week and you have to vote to keep him on. He's well good and a nice lad too... Promised I'd put the link on here - takes two sex.

Thursday I travel to Edinburgh where in I plan to laugh and relax muchly. I'm hoping that the rain has started to cease for lots of my pals up there have complained of trench foot. God I remember it rained all of ONE day last year at Edinburgh and I had the nerve to do crying because of it. It kept making all my flyers soggy so I couldn't hand 'em out. You know when you're so wet you just think FUCK IT. Well that was that day. Imagine having that up to now? Well luckily that's all I have to do (imagine) as I'm not going up till thursday. Looking forward to it.

Hope I see Mike off Hollyoaks like I did last year. What a DILF.

That's it for now.


Random_bits said...

Does your water filter make a lot of noise? (I mean in your fish tank). I looked into getting some fish recently but was told the bubbling might keep me awake because I don't have a whole swanky flat like you - just a humble wee bedsit :(


Leanne Diggins said...

There is a constant hum....yes. But I find it comforting. x

Random_bits said...

The man in the shop made it sound much more serious than just a hum. I could probably handle a hum - thanks! xx

Leanne Diggins said...

Is this kerry? If so you can come and have a listen to mine if you likey. If its not you will have to take my word for it. x

Random_bits said...

Oh! Yes it is me! Sorry - doesn't it tell you?? Hehe! Just some random nutter going on about hums and tanks. Yes I will pop along and listen to your hum at some point - thanks. Might wait till the fish are in though otherwise might be a bit weird. Cheers xx

Leanne Diggins said...

Yeah ok coooool! I will let you know when they arrive should be all in in about 2 weeks xx

Random_bits said...

:) xx