Monday, 18 August 2008

Show that we ain't gonna stand shit, shows that we are united.

So! I'm back from good old Edinburgh and I have to say it was much fun indeed. As I mentioned in a previous bloggy, I wouldn't be gigging this time round - But that all changed on my arrival cause Caroline asked me to compere her show GCSE revision class, starring Caroline Mabey, Miriam Elia and Sean Walsh. The show's nothing to do with GCSE revision class, tiz but a ploy to pull in the audience but I still played the old school favourite "Nervous" with one lucky audience member. Very good fun this show - would recommend - on at the White Horse on the Royal Mile.

Katie and I did our best not to drink loads so that we'd last for an evening of craziness but it was tough. Later on, in Brookes bar (which is a bar in The Pleasance Dome which looks like a youth club) we saw the legend Jim Bowen. I instantly texted my parents and they replied simply with "Super Smashing Great" followed closely by a text saying "That was one of his sayings". Ah they're sweet.

Sometimes in Brookes bar you get major RADA's, and this particular night was no different. There stood a group of fresh faced Americans and they started beat boxing and singing loudly in the BAR. I cringed severely. When I looked at Jim Bowen he was rubbing his forehead as if he had a migraine or something. I took this as my cue for us to bond. "Hi Jim, aren't they vile!" he agreed and said "Ya know they all wanna just be stars" and we laughed knowingly together like celebrity friends do.

Later on we went to the Gilded Balloon with Caroline to watch a late night show in the downstairs nightclub (where the days of Phat Cave were). On the bill was Andrew Maxwell, Caroline as Helen Heels, Paul Foot and these singy people. Andrew Maxwell was exceptionally good dealing with some scary Norther Irish hecklers. We could barely understand the argument - but it was one that bordered on uncomfortable. Ultimately though Andrew slammed them and won. The singers were great, just can't remember them. The only problem with this show is it went on too long - and by the time Paul Foot came on we'd all sat there without a break for about 1hour 15 mins. I was DRUNK.

After the show finished we decided to call it a night - which I found a bit strange cause it was only 2:30am and that's pretty early. Oh well - meant that we got up at about 11am the next day and thus didn't waste the short time we had there.

We spent most of Friday at the Pleasance, cause most of the shows we would see were on there. Plus beer was there too. First show we saw were Adams and Rea which was ace, they are both extremely funny AND musical. Go see. Then we saw Pappy's Fun Club, which again was excellent. I did prefer last year's show cause of the audience participation but this show "Funergy" was still to an exceptionally high standard. This is the third year I've seen Pappy's at Edinburgh and each time I have a great laugh. Lovely lads.

And then I saw MIKE. Mike from Hollyoaks. AGAIN! Like last year! There he was, at the pleasance wondering about like he wasn't even famous. Like he wasn't even a DILF. My insides went all wrong when I saw him.... Mmmmm Mike.

Katie and I bumped then into my friend Gareth Kane who's in an improv group and whom I met a few years ago. So we sat with him and his mate (Dan) for a few hours drinking and being silly. Then it was time for "The Clock Hour" starring Michael Legge and team Margaret Caborn Smith (who's excellent) and a load others (from real Daniel o Donnell show) My friend Muki is producing this so it was fun to see her too. This show is mental. Mental fun that is. I laughed and laughed. Seriously, go see. On at the below at the Pleasance 11pm.

After this we headed to Gilded Balloon and Loft bar which is just as pretentious as it always was. Great days. Bed time now I think.

Saturday we went to Miriam Elia's birthday lunch a nice little seafood restaurant off the Royal Mile. Many were there who I hadn't met before and I sat next to Thom Tuck and Pat Burtscher who were excellent company. Fishy was nicey too. Saw Lou Sanders who was on excellent form also.

On the Royal Mile we bumped into Chris Martin and Benny Boot who were doing a show on the free fringe. He was on my list to see so off we went. Mark Talbot was MCing and I have to say he was AMAZING. So so funny - so so random. Loved him, loved him (but he didn't love me back) Also on the bill was Gareth Richards who I'd never seen before and was GREAT. He reminded me of one of Marc Wootton's characters in the way he spoke. Joey Page was also on as well - again I'd never seen him and have booked him for Catface Comedy in December.

Randomly we decided to PAY to go to a show called 10 years from now starring Andrew Bird. This man I've never seen and what a likable chap! Its a good show - nice and stable and consistent. Funny - again at the Pleasance.

After this we decided to go to a Butlins style bar so headed to Brookes. We nearly didn't get in cause you need a PASS. Luckily I emanate success from every pore so I strode right in. I said Katie was my PA. Not really. Anyway, we drank some wine and then I saw many I knew. Corry Shaw was there and Michael Fabbri (her beau) had seen me MC at the GCSE revision Class show and he said I was filthy. Excellent.

After this there was a FIGHT. Twix an act and a reviewer. Basically it consisted of the professional artiste' screaming "I'M GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU!" and the reviewer/critic did quiet talking trying to simmer the situation down. Then the artiste' pushed the crtic over on a sofa and the critic did kicking the artiste' with his legs. Sorry but it was funny.

Katie wanted to go back to the B&B at this point so I sat around chatting to Muki, Michael Legge (who is just lovely), Johnny Candon and Robin Ince (no less). It was a pleasant close to a cool Edinburgh.

Taking Catface Comedy up there next year.

Sorry this blog reads weird - just wanted to cover everything.

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