Friday, 29 August 2008

I guess they still don't understand... and they can never understand.

David died. I knew there was something wrong a couple of days ago, his back fins seem to curl inwards and the fin on his back wasn't upright and perky like Peter's. The thing is he was half alive for a while so I put him in a jug with part fish bowl water and part tap water incase there were some toxins in the bowl water. Didn't do anygood, he just sat at the bottom of the jug breathing shallowly. In the end he didn't breathe anymore so I flushed him down the toilet. RIP DAVID.

I'm going to leave Peter to have some time alone and then I'll introduce another fish into the fold. Fish are WELL hard to look after :-(.

On wednesday as previously mentioned the "awesome foursome" were reunited at Cheryl's house. I asked them if they had snogged red coats at 13 and they both said no. Phew. Must've conjured it up in my strange little head then. Cheryl found a box of letters from us lot that we used to send when we were little. There was a WELL sweet one from me to Cheryl explaining how her little mousie had died whilst it had been in my care. I typed up the letter and everything! I told her that he'd been buried in my back garden and that my dad had made a cross to put on the grave. Ah bless me and all that sail in me.

When I got back from Cheryl's I was quite drunk and FULL of love. I told my dad that I loved both my parents VERY MUCH. I cringe when I get like that. It's not that I don't mean it, its just so over the top.

I had a dream last night that me and Mark Corrigan were almost in a relationship. His eyes were even more weird than in real life - one stared off into a different direction. He'd been in an accident apparently but we still loved each other, but only a bit.

This morning on my way to work I could hear a doggie barking from what appeared to be a car. So I thought I'd have a quick look into the car to see what type of dog it was and there was NO DOG in the car. But then the dog barked again and I'd swear that it was coming from the car BOOT. So I had my ear to the bloody boot of this random car and this passer-by was like "what are you doing?"

So I got them to put their ear to the boot of the car and we were really confused as to whether the bark was actually coming back from there. So then I went into a nearby office and interrupted everyone working demanding to know who's car this was. They said it was none of there's. So I said "Yeah? Well I have reason to believe there's a dog in the boot of it - so what do you say to that?" So then a lady came running out with me (she must be an animal lover like me) and we both put our ear's to the car and we couldn't hear anything. Then I went and asked a nearby builder if they knew of any nearby dogs and they said there's one over there. hahaa. And that's where the barking was coming from. ARF.

Tomorrow I'm off to Marrakesh with work. Its apparently 97 out there at the moment. YAY and BOO all at the same time.


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