Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Inside my heart is breaking, my make-up maybe flaking... but my smile, still stays on.

I went to the gym(bob) today. It was tough. I really have to sort out these fits and starts of trying to be a slender lass. Either I wannit or I don't. Watching Jeremy Kyle this morning made me go to the gym cause there was this vile ill-looking fat woman on there with one of those short slick at the front, spiked at the back, fat haircuts on the show. Also, I watched a programme last night about fatty babies, and its mainly down to the mother being such a lard-arse apparently. So just in case, just in case I meet a husband and we have a babby, I need to not be a fatty. Be prepared - that's what I always say.

I'm having a bit of a 30 crisis if I'm honest. Time is proper ticking and its making me nervous. I suppose everyone goes through this when they hit a significant milestone like the big 3.0. I feel like there's more I should have done by now. If you have any decent nuggats of advice to give me, please feel free to comment cause it's doing my head in.

Party plans are in full swing and I'm convinced the night's gonna be ACE. There are a select 80 people invited - and most have confirmed. DANCE OFF DANCE OFF!!

One thing I'm looking forward to is going up to Edinburgh next thursday to check out some show-age. It's the first time in three years that I've been up there with no plans of gigging OR not doing a proper full on show like last year. I've a long long list of stuff to see, and really hoping to get round all of em. Not like last year when I was up there for 18 days and only saw 3 shows. 3! That's disgusting isn't it. S'cause I was drunk all the time or flyering. Not this year though I'm properly going for it.

What else....?

Well, life's like a roller coaster this week for I'm up and down, up and down (but not in a sex way) - now I'm thinking of Kirsty Maccoll! For some reason I can't stop being sad about her. Its all cause someone told me that she was decapitated when she was killed (I didn't know this) and now I can't stop thinking about her. I sat on her bench a while back in Soho - it says: "One day I'll be waiting there / No empty bench in Soho Square"
Get's stuff in perspective about me turning 30 though doesn't it. I'm silleee.

Hmm thats right Leanne, make everyone feel depressed. Great Blog.

I'm making Duck l'orange tonight to see what it tastes like. Orangey Duck prolly but I've always wanted to cook it. Also, MTV have started a their very own singing lesson/choir thing. I'm joining and my try out is next tuesday. Cringey or fun? Both I think.

And thats that.

Soz I'll write proper soon.

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