Tuesday, 12 August 2008

But the only soldier now is me, I'm fighting things I cannot see.

Ah another satisfactory downloading session on Itunes.

Uh oh, just seen a promo for Secret Millionaire, on tonight at 9pm on Channel 4. Don't they realise that the series will only work ONCE? After which, if you happen to work for a charity and a "random" person comes in asking loads of questions and offering to "help" - its a given that they're probably a millionaire - that's why the people who get money at the end rarely look surprised on hearing the news. Its more like "Yes I know you are, now how much am I getting?" Hardly emotional.

What is emotional, is me on last saturday night with a glass of red wine watching the last hour of Sixth Sense. I still cry, although I battle against the tears in the car scene at the end. The bit where the lady on the bike's killed. I want to cry, I really do - but I keep thinking of "Spaced" when they take off from that part in the film and Nick Frost says "A Lady...." you won't find that at all interesting if you don't know which part I describe (maybe I shouldn't have mentioned it? Oh well too late now). Anyway that bit I cry at and the bit at the end when he discovers that he's all dead and that. Oh why can't they be together? Just like in "Ghost".

I'm listening to something right now that I fear would lose me street cred (if indeed I had some). Ronan Keating's "When you say nothing at all." This is because reader, it reminds me of the 1th August 1999, during the Eclipse. I remember my family and I, plus boyfriends headed on down to Cornwall to stay in an old farmhouse in the hope that we could glimpse this spectacular sight!

We were so lucky that day for we had a window in the sky that displayed the most almighty scene of light to dark in about 2 minutes. The bats even came out and I caught it all on film. I should upload it someday. Anyway - at this time I'd discovered that my boyfriend and I were probably no more and I remember drinking red wine (yes, even in those days) whilst we had a barbeque.

I put the radio on in my car and opened the door and "When you say nothing at all" was playing and I was thinking, how on earth am I going to tell him its over? However, I also felt increasing love for my mum, dad and sister (who were present) and thought - this is one of those good times in life. So.... er that's one of my memories thats locked in my head and now you have shared. Um....lucky you.

Now listening to Solange Knowles's song "I decided". She so wishes she looked like Beyonce.

Anyway - onto something infuriating. Lately I've caught about 2 Big Bro's a week and I completely and utterly hate Rex. And his STOOPID girlfriend with the wierd voice. They're such head fuckers. BLEE. I'd vote them out if I could be arsed.

I've discovered that the person on the dating site I'm on and who put me in his favourites does indeed work here. I'm so embarrassed. I am RUMBLED. They know I work here and am a desperado. I suspect that at the next work party or gathering I'll get drunk, saunter up to him and say something like, "I know that you know that I'm on that dating site that you're on" and then will probably wobble off feeling all satisfied. But why would I be satisfied? That's what alcohol does to me. Makes me self-satisfied. (Is it any wonder I drink alone?)

I've just been watching Peep Show. God I love Mark Corrigan. I love him.

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