Wednesday, 27 August 2008

I can go for miles if you know what I mean.

I'm so excited about my 30th birthday party and plans are in full swing. Guests are coming forth in abundance to get involved with the Dance Off. In past years its been really difficult to get two teams of eight, guests preferring instead to stand around the edge clapping and cheering. BUT! This year its been manic with people clamoring to get involved. So happy about that. I've just spent a long time collating a list of amazing songs to be intermingled with my two MTV DJ's choices.

The Dance Off although just for fun is pretty organised, with a stop clock man, whistle blower, compere AND judges. Sounds heavy eh? But its not tiz just a good larf. There's a bit of a super sweet 30th theme going on with a special performance from me and my backing dancers to welcome everyone to the event of the decade. It has to be special cause its a 30th though eh. Will be cool for everyone I reckon cause I've lots of different friends from different walks of life so it'll be nice for them to meet new people and maybe find some new friends too.

My boiler problem is still on going. Saturday morning at 4am a MASSIVE alarm went off at my house for an HOUR. It was so loud it woke up the neighbours. Basically BAD BREATH BOILER BELL-END didn't fix the problem after all, so when my hot water kicked in early morning there was no water going into the cylinder so the alarm went off. I was sooo over-tired I was doing all crying and stuff, it was awful. Then of course it was bank holiday so couldn't get anyone out. Trauma trauma trauma.

On a happier note I then went to see my Neffyou, and he was extra extra sweet. I must admit I felt a bit saddy wondering if I would ever have a babba of my own. Its not that I actually want one, its just the fact that at present I would have to be impregnated by the lord himself as a lad being on the cards appears to be out of the question.

I think my family think I'm weird cause we were talking about my cooking skills and how top notch they are and my dad said "Well you know what they say Leanne, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach" so I said "That's right, the way to a man's heart is with a big sharp knife." And everyone looked at me genuinely stunned. They properly looked scared. I was only joking sort of.

I just had an email from a friend of mine asking this:

Subject: MEN
Ladies - I need you to get your little black books out. We need HOT HOT STRAIGHT guys, to help out on a pilot. They can be quirky, or models, or body builders but they must be phwaor. Do you know any???
Its a non broadcast pilot and of course they must be single.

help. xx

HAHAHAHAHA HOOOO HOOO HOOO! Thats a good one. If I knew of any hot single guys do you really think I would be sat here typing this blog? Of course not. I'd be busy pursuing them to make them marry me.
Oh that's SUCH a good one! Get out my little black book! HAHAH! Do I know of any PHWAOR men. HAHAAHAH! Very good. Liked that one.

Tonight I'm going to a dinner party with three girlfriends from my old school. Since we were 13 we used to call ourselves the awesome foursome. It dates back to when we went to Butlins as the AWESOME FOURSOME and I remember we had such fun. Julia and Cheryl were more of the dare devils of the group, on the last night, sneaking out after curfew.... They stuffed their beds with clothes to look like humans AND cut their hair and stuffed it out the top of their bedspreads. It was worth it apparently cause they got snogs from redcoats. Surely that can't be right, they were THIRTEEN. I'm going to double check that fact tonight.

I met a boy called Lee on that holiday who was 16! That's pretty cool for a 13 year old. Wish I still had that pull now. (obviously not for 16 year olds, although they are technically legal aren't they...)

GUROSS. I've changed.

Going on a secret trip this saturday for work for our away weekend. Obviously I know where we're going (as do some of the staff now) but I shan't disclose until our return. All I'll say is its a 3.5 hour flight and its HOT HOT HOT. Looking forward to it lots.

K bye for now.

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