Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Yeah you gotta feel for me baby! (feel for me baby)

So! Just got back from Marrakesh and it was ace. We had to leave Saturday morning at 3am. I was a tired girl. When we arrived we were met by a rep who took us to the hotel in a mini bus. Marrakesh is really crazy with people on these motorised bycicles which weave in a kamakazi fashion all over the road, I genuinely thought someone would get smushed. It reminded me of being on the top of a double decker bus where you think you might bash into every tree approaching. Well that's how it was 'cept we were on a mini bus and it was constant. WAH WATCH OUT FOR THE.... WAH WATCH OUT FOR THE... etc etc...

I also saw lots of horseys and donkeys who looked very sad and unwell. One horse had his mouth open and looked BATTERED like he might die at any moment yet his owner still made him walk with a big cart of fruit. It was horrible and made tears prick in my eyes. I know one should be a bit more open minded with cultural differences but I can't accept animal cruelty and if that makes me less open minded then SO BE IT.

When we got to the hotel we were greeted by about 15 staff and loud music as they handed us cocktails and hot towels like we were FAMOUS or something just cause we were from MTV. I felt discomfort at this.

This was nothing comapred to when all the other MTV lot from Holland arrived. They had a load of people banging drums and in traditional dress. Made me again feel discomfort to the extreme. Here they all are waiting for the arrivals :-(

Exhibit A

Later on we did much much drinking but I was soooo tired I ended up being in bed by 11pm.

The next day I got up early and went for a walk. There before my very eyes were lovely little kittens all mewing and skinny. So I stole some ham from the breakfast room and some water and gave it to them, they gobbled it up with gusto.

Exhibit B

For the rest of the day I sat around the pool reading my book as the others all went to market. That evening we had another party to attend which was themed as WHITE WITH A SPLASH OF GOLD. Now dear reader I own NOTHING white. So myself and some of my colleagues didn't wear any.
When we finally found where we were eating we had to go along a RED CARPET which had drummers either side and shakey things and TWO MASSIVE CAMELS at the entrance of the outdoor restaurant thing with massive heads, and a photographer took our pictures. IT WAS TRAUMATIC. When we were seated we were the ONLY PEOPLE THERE NOT IN WHITE. We soon got over this factor with endless bottles of wine to aid our plight.
(At this dinner there were snake charmers but the snakes simply looked dead to me)

Then we went to the party. IT was GREAT! I stayed up until 4:30am and we had to be up at 7am to be picked up for our flight home. I felt like UTTER SHIT. On the journey I totally thought I would vom so I spent the journey quietly weeping at the back of the plane with another one of my colleagues also avec sick bag and weeping quietly. It was awful. Luckily though I never puked so - hooray.

Got home and my remaining fish was still alive so every cloud eh.

This thursday it's Catface Comedy @ the Slaughtered Lamb, get involved!

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