Wednesday, 2 July 2008

She lives with a broken man...

Well Karen's Come Dine with Me was pretty nice, although there were too many leaves for my liking, however I was reasonably stuffed and felt sufficiently vomitus by the end of the evening. Certainly gave me "Food for thought" for MY Come Dine with me in two weeks. HAAHAAHAA FOOD FOR THOUGHT! GEDDIT?? No.

This week has been a bit crazy, one of my very close friends had a real shocker at the weekend and I've been doing some "friend in need" stuff with him. What can I say? Life sucks much, but time really does heal all wounds. Even wounds I got in 2000 (which were hardcore deep - prob deepest yet) are pretty much healed. If I were to mega scratch them and scratch them and scratch them I suspect they'd do a bit of bleeding. (But then scab right up innit!)

At present I'm in high spirits personally. Life's been very busy since my return from Ibiza and my plan to grow rich is still just a plan. I did put my lottery numbers in however - so this is always a happy thought when I lie in bed unable to sleep thinking about Catface Comedy. I have SUCH a special surprise tomorrow even my crew don't know about. I really urge you to come, its the first night so anything could happen. I hate that I don't know how its going to look cause I've only seen the room twice so its gonna be one of those impromptu things of fun. Do you know those things? I hope so.

So! The other night I went out with my mates Jeremy, Joel and Denis to the pub and we got quite drunky. The lads were asking what was in my locket (as in, a lock of hair or a photo of my lover). I clean forgot about this incident until yesterday I saw Denis and he laughed and pointed at my Locket. I was like "What?" Not sure what he was going on about... He said in his heavy French Accent "Ave you openned your Locket since the othur naight?" I was like "No why?"

It turned out that when we'd been discussing what was in my locket, we thought it would be hilarious to instead of having a lock of hair in it, to put a pube from both Jeremy and Joel in it. I found the TWO pubes (no less) in my locket last night. So all the while I was in Ibiza doing karaoke and that type of thing, within my locket lay two pubes of DNA trying to MATE. Great.

Have you seen that 40 over 40 ad on TV? Haahaa. Its properly a mum and dad about to DO IT. Gross. Shouldn't be allowed.

I'm being extra immature today - I'm sorry I'll stop now.

Come to the show tomorrow.


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