Monday, 7 July 2008

You bet your life it is.

Well what a wonderful few days. Starting with Catface Comedy on Thursday evening. I have to be honest I am SOOOO anal about my comedy night's going perfectly. I hate anything to be shit and I hate anything to seem unprofessional, so seeing as I hadn't properly set up at the new venue before heading there thursday I was extra worried. But! I needn't have been. What a great room, great sound system, great area for the acts, great team of mates that help me out on these nights.

Big thank you to Miriam Elia for stepping in at the last minute and huge thanks to everyone else that honoured their bookings. It was loadsa fun. One person who absolutely stood out for me since I last saw her is Catie Wilkins. The girl has upped her game and was wicked to watch. Go see if you get a chance. The open spot too, David Hamilton who has only been going for 6 months did really well too considering his spot kept getting pushed back until he ended up directly supporting the headliner. Everyone else I wanna thank you tooooooo. You rule you rule you rule. Role on the next one on 7th August.

Friday I was pretty hungover but still managed a night out with w0rk pals. I managed to put my back out ironically to "baby got back". Nice one. I can so tell I'm getting old these days.

In Big Brother news a girl from my work has just entered the house. Sara her name is and she's australian and pretty. She's my old boss's pa. On friday there were rumours flying round saying she was going in and then we checked her Facebook and she had CLOSED it. Ummmm! And then lo and behold there she is in the house. The good thing is, if she makes a dick out of herself she can just go back ito Oz and no-one'll be none the wiser. Nice plan.

I really haven't been watching BB, this years batch of freaks seem even more boring than ever. I only like that one who's from Bolton and is all skinny. He sounds like an old man but is quite amusing.

Saturday I had one of my "special hangovers" which includes vomming and the "other". Must've been those sambucas. This meant saturday I couldn't physically move so ended up sloping off to ma and pa's at around 5pm. Pretty much rolled about there until 3pm the next day when a group of us headed off to Louisa's for COME DINE WITH ME.

Here's the menu:

Thai Fish Cakes
with carrot and cucumber salad
served with choice of sweet chilli dip or sweet and sour sauce

Loin of Pork Medallions
filled with spinach and chestnut mushrooms, wrapped in pancetta
served with selection of roasted vegetables and potatoes with roux sauce

Traditional Apple and Blackberry Crumble
Served with choice of fresh cream or Cornish ice cream


Here's us and Will Smith enjoying it. (will smith looks a bit bored)

K bye!


metyouonce said...

Please can we have the Come Dine with Me menu before the weekend? I spent the whole weekend wondering!

Leanne Diggins said...

Of course. Its my week this week so I will submit it this friday for your perusal.

Did you really meet me once?

metyouonce said...

Of course I did! I wouldn't make it up.

I was a bit worried about the asparagas on last weeks menu, thought it may have to powerful a flavour for the dish, that and the fact it makes your wee smell...

Anonymous said...

Of course, I wouldn't make it up!

I was a bit worried about the asparagus inlast weeks menu, I worried that it may have a too powerful flavour for the dish, that and it makes your wee smell!

Leanne Diggins said...

Apparently it only makes your wee smell if you are clever.

Anonymous said...

That's not true! I suspect it's a bit like a tree falling down in a forest.... does your wee smell if there's nobody to smell it? Therefore asparagas only makes your wee smell if you're a wee sniffer!

Leanne Diggins said...

I'm so clever I canna fail to smell my wee.

Anonymous said...

Sniffing wee can never be clever!

SBC said...

Looking at the picture of you and your friends the question is was Will Smith a guest at the dinner too? Judging by the face that he's pulling on the TV he obviously wasn't too happy with what he was eating.

Leanne Diggins said...

Welcome welcome welcome SBC! xxx