Thursday, 17 July 2008

Ah push it push it, watch me work it..... I'm perfect.

Well I expect you're all dying to know what the dealio was with Come Dine with Me on Sunday. I can tell you now that it went really well even if I do say so myself. I was genuinely really nervous, even PACING before my mates turned up. I needn't have bothered - I am a domestic goddess and thus did a grand job.

So we just have Lauren's episode on Sunday and that day it is of course RESULTS day (winners day for me). And then we've got the Wrap Party to "wrap-up" filming. I would recommend people do their own Come Dine with Me's all over the country. Why sit there watching the omnibus on a Sunday afternoon feeling all depressed (that's how I was) when you can actually be in it.

I'm currently listening to some of Bowie's hits from the great film Labyrinth. Whatever happened to pretty Sarah? She was wonderful. "You have no power over me." (Cor boy he's got as much power over me as 'ee wants. Cackle)

This week has been like most others, although I seem to have developed a teenage crush on this lad I know. And it really is just a crush but it's definitely there. I go all red when I speak to him and that's just not me and I come over all unneccessary and... I need a cure. I seem to have lost my cool when it comes to lads (was it ever there?) I feel all teenagerish and I need to stop that and be the WOMAN I am. Going to do some womanly thought thinking now.....hmmmmmm........Mmmmmm.........Lad...... Nope! Its no good.

In other news have you seen that programme on Channel 4 called Personal Services Required? Its about people who hire randoms and use them for a trial period working in their households. Usually the person who's doing the hiring is a freak and wants a slave really. Well, I've seen two episodes where there seems to be a platinum blonde, leather look has-been type of woman who talks to all the female helpers like utter shit and to the men, wops their fat tits in their faces. It's definitely worth a watch for the cringe factor alone.

What else, hmmm there appears to be all pretty girls starting at my work lately. This annoys me greatly as I am (like above) one of the "has-beens" here at MTV. A dinosaur some might say being in my eighth year so far. This friday lunchtime we have a performance by Mark Ronson and co in the staff atrium as a treat. I hope he plays "Stop me" cause thats the only one I know. I shall sing along as I know all the words. I really have lost my cool.

Tonight I'm meetin my good friend Heather Bevver. Her surname is Beverley but I call her Heather Bevver. See? Makes sense.

K bye. I'll write proper soon.

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