Sunday, 29 June 2008

Somewhere we can be ourselves... Some of the time.

Hello! So I'm back from Iiza now, and it sucks. Since I've been home my plan to eat healthy has gone straight outta the window. Starting Friday night with an Indian Takeaway with my mate Karen. Bah. And then last night I went out in Greenwich with my pal Kerry and drank loads of Stella. I also had a shot of Sambuca AND a shot of Tequila. Now I feel sick. Its the £10 card limit's fault, if you have to make it up to a tenner what ya gonna do...? We met some nice lads and I think a couple of them are going to come to Catface Comedy thursday. Or so they say.

Today we have Come Dine with Me south east London stylie. Basically, me and three pals are, for the next four sundays cooking a three course meal for the other three which we are to mark out of ten. We each text these scores through to an independent adjudicator who tallies the points up and then on the last sunday sends them through to the final host who reveals the winner. Prize fund is £20. It all seemed a good idea when we first thought of it. But now its got quite competitive... I'm seriously stressing about what my main course is going to be. Here's the menu for today at Karen's house. Bloody 'ell.

mixed olives & ciabatta bread

seafood parcels
scallops, salmon & prawns wrapped in filo pastry served with crème fraiche
and dill / avocado dips

lamb escalope with rosemary served with mash potato, asparagus & fine green beans

lemon sorbet

cheese board – coffee & mints

We're filming it as best we can, so I shall put it up on Facebook or something when the show's finished and I've WON.

Oh my god I almost forgot. What about Hollyoaks! It was soooooooo sad. Lovely Max is gone, I cried like I did when I first watched Edward Scissorhands! Oh Max - won't be the same without you my love. If you don't watch Hollyoaks then the above will make NO sense.

Katie and I have booked our train to Edinburgh - we go up on the 14th for three nights and I've already started to collate my list of must sees. I'm looking forward to the stress of not performing and just watching, last year was ridiculous, I saw about 3 shows cause I was either sleeping, performing or plain ole' drunk.

And finally, its Catface Comedy this thursday! Tiz in Clerkenwell at the Slaughtered Lamb which is in Great Sutton Street and starts at 8pm. I'm doing my Queen of the Night dance Live, this is a sight NOT to be missed specially after all the food I've been troughing of late....


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