Sunday, 13 July 2008

If you think that you're strong enough. If you think you belong enough.

Weird dream. I was in New York and for some reason I felt like I knew the place really well (I've only been the once) and when we landed I nearly did crying as the "memories" came flooding back to me. Dreams like that freak me out and make me write about them here. If anyone's an expert on dreams please comment! Is it cause I'll find the "one" in NYC? I hope so!!

In other news Friday night was mental. As I mentioned in my last blog I wasn't planning on a crazy one owing to the previous night's escapades. See when you don't plan it, thats's when the best nights occur. Oh it was fun - fun with a capital LOADS. We went to the Edinburgh Castle which isn't much fun when its raining cats and dogs, and after a while everyone was asking me if I could call Pat (landlord of my local in Camden) to see if we could get in there. I did just that and he suggested we all go to Liberties which was having a party and all the local landlords were going. We agreed immediately and had many more drinks and laughs.

Once all this was done we headed back to work to get cabs. On the way this scary gang looking girl came storming past me - followed by two other equally scary seemingly street talking gang girs - who then came up to me and started screaming "You better tell ya mate to hush her mouth or she's gonna get stabbed up" or something. In the background I could see my scottish mate Clair standing down the road, cracking up and swinging round the lampost shouting "Fuck yooou, ya wee fanny". Hahahaha.

They had no clue what to make of Clair who was just creasing up in their faces - so they came up to the only other girl in the - who was equally amused. I really hate women like this. They think if they speak street enough at you your gonna get scared. HA HA HA, HO HO HO. My tactics were to say things like "I can't understand a WORD your saying. What are you on about? Can you repeat that?" They soon got confused and flounced off only for the Police to come running over and have a go at ME! I didn't even doooo NUFFINK Officer! There were two of em FFS. Camden's divvy.

After this Tom broke his heel and the night came to an abrupt end. YAY. Good old Friday nights.

SO today is the day!!! Come Dine with Me.


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