Thursday, 3 July 2008

Take it hip to hip rock it through the wilderness...

Oh I'm having the BEST 90's downloading session. My friends think I'm a mug cause I buy all the songs for my Ipod off iTUNES. This is because they are thieves and just wanna make themselves feel better with their acts of criminal-ness.
Oh I did get one 80's track. "Lady in Red" by Chris De Burgh. I was reminded of its superiority when I heard it at Arlanda airport in Stockholm the other week. It was playing from a IPOD docking station and I just though right, thats next on me' download agenda. I might buy a red dress as well... .doesn't have to be a dress though, could be a red all in one jump-suit. Still be a lady and still be in red. Roll up lads!

I just came across The Prodigy song called "Their Law", ah great days. When I was doing A-level Media we had to make a music video and we used that song. The video was about two boys who were obsessed with playing the computer game "Tekin". Its a fighting game. In all shots on the vid, we had the two lads with a joystick thing in their hands (Joystick, I'm SO Commordore 64) and they were playing the game continuously. We even had them playing the game in the swimming pool. We were SO crazy in college. The rest of the group got fucked off with me during this project cause I kept bunking off to go and work at Disney Channel. All I ended up doing was typing up the credits to the video - they were PISSED. Oh well fuck em.

In other news the whole of London appears to be stabbing crazy. It reminds me of the days when people had swords and were forever impaling each other. Obviously it doesn't remind me cause I wasn't there, but sword carrying totally happened in the olden days. Only difference being I think they did fighting 1 on 1, unlike now where fights usually consist of 5 on 1. Clearly this ain't a fight - more like BULL fighting or as I call it "Murder". (I love seeing pictures of matadors proper gorged by raging Bulls. Gutted. )

I'm listening to En Vogue now. I bet everytime they look at Destiny's Child they're sick with jealousy! If only they'd done what Beyonce and co did... when training, they did running and singing at the same time! Thats pretty amazing cause I can't even walk and talk.
Although listening to En Vogue now, they're voices are a little squeaky for my liking - so maybe they just didn't have what it takes. Think on.

As you can see I've not got much to say. We have Louisa's Come Dine With Me on sunday which I'm looking forward to. Menu will be submitted tomorrow so will post it up here when she sends it out. She's being very cloak and dagger I must say......thats not to say she's going to stab us.
Not like SOME people I could mention (everyone in London!).


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