Thursday, 24 July 2008

You're making excuses for the things you've never done, walking in circles, blinded by the sun...

Great Thorpe Park was pretty good. Not great, but good. Since the days of me being a dare-devil as a youngster, things seem to have changed somewhat. For example I couldn't go on some of the big rides as they were TOO HIGH. But stuff like the Tidal Wave was just right. That ride was like having six buckets of water thrown over you in succession so after I decided we should go on it first, we were sodden throughout the day. So what eh? Yeah you only live once blah blah blah.

The last time I was at Thorpe Park was with my sister and a gaggle of her students aged around 14. I went along as a helper, there was myself, my sister, her boyf (also a teacher) and another teacher called Paul. It ended up being just myself and Paul wondering around together and I loved him a bit I did. He was so very, very nice. Also there were tiny goats there, big as cats they were and I picked them up (although you're not supposed to).

This time at Great Thorpe Park it was clear I'd put on weight cause when we went on the Depth Charge (which is essentially a dingy that goes down a slide which you sit in and fattest person wins) I noticed that my bum seemed to wedge into the dingy rather than perch. I totally won though cause I was the fattest contender. Infact long after the other contenders had become stationary I seemed to be still sliding along. Oh well. Things are going to change in that department - not sure how, but they'll change. (prolly I'll get fatter)

On the way back from Great Thorpe Park Lauren and I had a sing song in the car to NKOTB's "The Right Stuff" and some lads did bibbing at us from their car and for about 5 minutes the journey on the M25 was fun. I love car flirting.

Anyway - this week sees me mainly working and then going off to Bournemuff to see my nephew Alex and my sister. I'm hoping for sun so we can go off to the beach. Also I will definitely visit Primark in Boscombe cause that's where people that don't know the fashions live so all the decent stuff is still there for my cherry picking eyes. Talking of cherries, I just had some and they were juicy.

K Bye.

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