Friday, 11 July 2008

What is wrong in my life, that I must get drunk every night?

So it was the MTV Summer Party yesterday and it was quite good. Lots of lovely free drinks and for once I was sensible, alternating White wine with water like all good women do.

SO! Tiz my Come Dine with Me this week, and I'm genuinely extremely nervous. Here's my menu:

Champagne Bellini's

Smoked Salmon and Avocado served with crème fraiche and
Warm Ciabatta

Crusted Rack of Lamb
served with Sautéed Potatoes and Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables

Banoffee Trifle

Coffee and biscuits

I've got all my items coming tomorrow and am starting PREP saturday night. They better appreciate this. I just can't wait to get the video edited. I'd totally recommend doing Come Dine with Me yourselves. Its such a lovely way to get together with mates but also an excuse to have a slap up dinner.

In other news I've noticed that Paul Nicholls....


.....Is on a new programme called Harley Street. I've loved Paul Nicholls ever since he said the words "Nelly Jack John" in the shit CBBC programme Earth Fasts. Its was absolute CACK, but I loved him oh yes I did. I even wrote to him when I was 16. What a nob. I sent him a picture of me in Black Gang Chine in the Isle of Wight with massive permed hair sat next to a plastic goblin. I remember trying to be all funny and saying in my letter "The goblin meant nothing Paul honest!" WHAT A DICK. I can't believe I've put this in my blog - god maybe I am a bit hungover. I genuinely thought he should have been mine. I remember when I got the generic FAN letter back, ya know the printed letters where they BIRO in your name were it says DEAR Leanne PAUL REALLY ENJOYED READING YOUR LETTER. etc

That day in my diary I wrote "I can't believe it, Paul Nicholls read my letter!". I wasn't very advanced for my age.

Years later (in 2005) I was in Great Marlborough Street doing some filming for my BBC documentary "How to get lucky with Leanne" and Paul Nicholls went striding past me. I was in the middle of a bit to Camera and I stopped in my tracks and said to the producer "Thats the man I should have been with...." Ironic really that he should walk past me as I was doing a documentary about being a desperate loser.

Gosh I'm being a bit down on myself aren't I. Don't worry, I know I'm great really - its not my fault that Paul never realised it.

So its more drinking tonight for Jeremy from work's leaving drinks. I love him, he makes funny noises. Must try to ease up on the old sauce next week cause my poor liver is all sad.

Right gonna go and trough on some food now. Bye!


Nick said...

Fine Young Cannibals! What do I win?

They should repeat "How to get lucky with Leanne"


Leanne Diggins said...

Yeah they should!

Correct RE: Fine Young....

Jenette V said...

Leanne,were you with us on the fine Sainsbury's day out to Alton Towers (beer and vodka drinking commenced at 0700 hours on the coach) when we met Paul Nicholls at Newport Pagnell service station - I swear it was you who got him to sign her fag packet.....or was that someone else?!! He then drove alongside the coach on the M1 (or whatever motorway it is) and we all waved at him like he was God or something....haha those were the days!

Leanne Diggins said...

No I most certainly was not! :-( I remember you all having seen him though I was completely jealous. If only I'd hung out with the Saino's gang more often! Although I did go to Calais with them once and got very very drunk. Much fun. xxxxxx

katrina abdullah said...

i like your blog. especially about paul nicholls. i just watched his movie "IF ONLY" with jennifer love hewitt and OMG what a hunk! so handsome guy! anyway, keep the blog up! good day! =)

Leanne Diggins said...

YAY! Thank you very much, I will! xx