Thursday, 26 June 2008

What you waiting for?

It´s the last day of my Rolliday alREADY! :-( BOOOO! I´m writing this blog in the sweaty internet room in the hotel cause its just silly boiling hot outside on the beach. I´m quite tanned now if I do say so myself so the uncomfortable lying around on the beach, day in day out has not been in vain I´m pleased to report.

One thing I´m NOT pleased to report is that I haven´t had a holiday romance. This is because its slim pickings in this resort cause it´s so quiet. The best night life is in a place called Mr. Cairo´s which is a cheesy night club that after 12pm becomes dead (except for a few MEGA-chavs hanging around drinking "Blue Lagoons" but more about them later.)

Man wise, there are plenty of DILF´s about, but then again they´re DILF´s aren´t they.......... so near, yet so far. Lad wise there´s a man on the Italian entertainment team who is far too tanned to take seriously, he´s literally dark orange and has woman arms. He´s the best of a bad bunch though so I stare at him from afar alot.

But yes, these mega chav´s are intense. The other day we went to Mr Cairo´s and there was a drag act on called "Diamond Class" or something and this big gang of right old chavs were there being soooo yucky. I was embarrassed to be near them. They even looked inbred, you know that ratty face look, that only a sister or brother could love.....Well they had faces like that.

In other news the other day I wowed a 200 strong crowd with my rendition of Hotel Calafornia and later on La Isla Bonita by Madonna... Oh Karaoke, such such fun.

Although I´ve been relaxing, I´ve also been doing lots of thinking and planning about how I can become a millionaire. All my problems would be solved if I had a big wad of cash. I doubt I´ll win the lottery (I´ve studied probability you see) but I MAY be able to become some kind of business lady, if I could just invent something..... Hmmmm.

Right just a short one today for I´m sweating like an ox on heat.


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Kawen - again said...

I thought you invented Post its??? At least thats what you said in our film....!
PS... I am the MARY