Monday, 9 June 2008

I'm not like the others.

I made a cake! YAY! It looked disgusting but tasted ok. Everyone at work ate it all up even though they had to close their eyes before putting it in there mouths cause the chocolate ganache icing was like brown wee wee. Here is a picture of me and my cake (its in pieces cause I smushed it in the tuppaware container in a massive rage)

Exhibit A

Friday evening it was the Pat Pub event of the year. My manager was over from Holland and we always have a good laugh when we go out. I got drunk really quick and became obsessed with high fiving. My palm actually hurt the next day. I even started a mexican high five around the pub which was like the best thing ever (at the time). All of a sudden a man was there with a guitar (I asked him to come over apparently) and he started singing classics like Hey Jude so we could all drunkenly join in with "Naa naa na na naaa - hey judy judy judy baby!" etc.

Exhibit B

The table behind me (see how they chat) were not being forthcoming enough so I demanded that they jolly well join in. And get this......they didn't stab me! Maybe Camden's on the up.
The next day I had to work (again) so off I went. It was ok actually it was a nice crowd in and we had many a laugh they really are a good bunch. Towards the end of the day when Tom and I were flagging we stumbled across the game "Name that Tune" which was promoted by him humming Shanice's Classic "I love your smile" - after this we didn't look back and the day flew by.
Sunday I had a nice lie in and then as it was such a beautiful day decided to head into Greenwich for a look around the market and that. I ended up at the Cutty Sark pier and suddenly decided I wanted to see what Greenwich looked like from the other side of the Thames. So under the sea I went and came up the other side at Island Gardens. It was right explory it was. Very claustraphobic under the sea mind you.

Later on Ma and Pa came for some lunch. I did chicken ceasar salad, bruschetta and smoked salmon on ciabatta with lemon juice and creme fraiche. They enjoyed. We always have a good laugh and my dad is so excited cause next door to them are getting chickens and when they go away my dad has to look after them and these ones have to be fussed over.
My dad reminded me of something I said to him when I was drunk a few weeks back when we were round my neighbours house. Apparently I went to him, "Daddy, your hair's like spun gold."
"Why thank you" he replied.
"THATS NOT A COMPLIMENT" I barked and stalked off. What in the world according to Garp? Haaaaa
So.... I go to Sweden tomorrow to Stockholm on (Lawrence has to go out on..) business I'm afraid. Should be nice. And then next week I go to Ibiza! Hooray! I'm joining a new gym, Virgin Active at the Strand. Its like a spaceship, all modern and that. I'm the fattest one there so that should motivate me to go more often. YAY!


nick said...

reading your blog makes me feel like I'm drunk even though I have not drunk any alcohol. That's a good thing. I think.

Nice cake.


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