Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Forget about the worries on your mind, you can leave them all behind.

So, last week I went to Stockholm to the MTV office and to do some management training. It was pretty cool but busy. Everyone in Stockholm is pretty. One night me and my colleague Per went out with two girls called Frida and Lisa and they were SOOOOOOOO Nordic. They had blonde hair and crystal blue eyes and were all tanned and annoyingly lovely looking in general. I felt like their mother. I was glad to get back to ugly old London. Not really. But sometimes, really.

I also did my best to chase contacts for Morton Harket. Didn't have much luck although I found a producer who offered me the alternative of the bald bloke out of "Aqua" (Barbie Girl).

The weekend I went to see my friend Sophie with my mate Lauren. She's 'avin a baby soon. We talked lots about birthin' babies. I didn't really join in much except when sophie told us that her friend had had contractions in her back bottom. I wanted to know "Did she shit her baby out then?" I felt my comment was unwelcome. Then I went to Primark and stocked up for my forth coming ROLLiday to Ibiza. Then I took Ma and Pa out for dinner to Eynsford to the Plough. Was pleasant - Twas great to spend some time with them, they're real cats.

In eynsford there's a ford and sometimes people drive through it and get their cars stuck in the river. We saw a couple in this very predicament on saturday and its always the same.....the boy with wet ankles standing at the side of the river and the girl in the car in the middle of the river with a face like pure thunder. Hahahaha how we laughed (at them).

Sunday I worked all day and then in the evening did a gig in Earls Court for Laughing Beats comedy. It was ok, but in my experience music doesn't normally work with stand-up. Its confusing even for me. Although, in my head I had a great time. I did some new stuff and even though the audience were looking at me as if to say "What the fuck?" I came off stage smiling.

After me was a really REALLY serious female singer - going on about how fabulous love is and what if "You're not the one" and all that. I had to laugh as my parting shot when I'd been on stage was to inform the crowd that my "hair clips were just for show and that my jugs were ample" and then wink at one of the muscians before flouncing off stage. Stuck around after that as the whole situation amused me lots.

Later on I came home had a sip of red wine and suddenly it was 6:30 am and I was in my armchair. Hate it when that happens. Since then I've had a head ache which doesn't wanna go. I have stoopid amounts to do before I head off on my hols friday. I have work a plenty but also loose ends to tie like getting my posters and fliers sorted for Catface COmedy which incidently starts on the 3rd July! Also, I have to dye my hair back to blonde. (You go back to her and I'll go back to blonde). I'm having highlights done in labrador yellow.

Will write proper soon.

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