Friday, 6 June 2008

We think you are stupid.

Only one more Apprentice left to go, I am PRAYING that my Alex Wotherspoon wins. Ok, so I learnt the other day that he has a girlfriend and she's young, pretty and thin, but that's not everything Alex! Can she cook? I suspect not.

If he wins the Apprentice that means he's probably already living in London which equals nearer to ME. I don't think Alan Sugar's office is actually Canary Wharf, I believe the panning shot above is just for effect. So where the hell is Alan's office? If anyone knows this please let me know so that I can efficiently stalk my new husband.

Also, only one more Peep Show to go which is fubbish. I love that show. I sort of love Mark Corrigan as well. (I don't love his eyes cause they make him look like an alien. )

Tonight I am out in Camden for tiz the opening of Pat's new bar. Makes me feel a bit of an alchy cause Pat the land lord of my old local in Camden actually called me to let me know his new pub was opening. I really really must get home for Peep show on Channel 4 plus 1 tonight though. I can't still be wandering the streets of camden at 2am tomorrow, observing fighting etc. I must get home!

So, its gotta be done *sigh*.... Did you watch Big Brother last night? I watched most of it. Same old shit etc. It truly makes me cringe at how desperate for fame some people are. No good can come of it, haven't they learnt after the Jade Goody saga? Also although Davina looked very pretty and lovely in her dress, her presenting manner was even more annoying than usual and plus she seems to be a bit old to be acting all excited over something as "non event" as Big Bro. Look at Dermot O Leary, walked away with his dignity and pride (except for the X Factor debacle). God I love him - he'd be the perfect boyfriend I reck. After BB there was a special Friday Night project thing which featured the ex Big Bro contestants. What is up with Ziggy's face though? It looks really um...tight. And his hair was in 90's style curtains.... weirdo!

Hey this whole blog's been about TV (cept for the going out in Camden bit...), the truth is there ain't much to report, so will leave it there. Byeee.


tilly said...

I am reliably informed that Mr Sugar's office (Headquarters) is in Brentwood, Essex. Apparently the boardroom stuff is shot in a studio anyways.....

Could be right about getting to Alex - they do say the way to a man's heart is through his belly!

Leanne Diggins said...

Well if thats the case, he will be mine!