Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Now I ain't freakin', I ain't faking this - shut up and let me go.

What is it with the dating game? I am SO out of it now. Fuck that. I met my mate James last night in London Bridge for a couple of drinks and we were discussing general dating etiquette. He seemed to think that men act all interested after they've been on a date with you, then blow you out cause they want to prove they COULD have you. PATHETIC. If this is true then that's mental.

One of my friend's is on My Single Friend website and the other day she had contact from this one guy who told her that he lives his life by the term Carpediem. She didn't know what this meant and texted me to ask. I told her it meant Seize the Day and although its a latin term is also from the 80's classic "Dead Poets Society" and during the late eighties early nineties men went round thinking it was cool to say it ALL THE TIME. Its so old now. (One of my ex's used to say it and also go on about "Coglans's Law" from the film Cocktail featuring Tom Cruise and Elizabeth Shue...)

I told her the guy who reckons he abides by this term must be an utter loser as its SO last decade (times two!) Its like me going round quoting Harry Enfield and Chums "Only ME!"etc. GOD. Are there any decent men left?
Hey what's Elisabeth Shue up to now anyway? Remember when she was the cream of the crop? Where is she now though? In counselling I expect (I can talk) with Fred Savage and Paul Gasgoine.

I've been having a little trip down memory lane today listening to cartoon intro's on Youtube of which I've not heard some of for ages. Like "Cities of Gold". The artist who draws those cartoons always makes some of the characters look like monkeys I've noticed. Some of the theme tunes are unbelievably poor like "The Racoons". AWFUL. He-man still sounds good, as does The Family Ness, Tale Spin, Maid Marion (OBVIOUSLY), Raggy Dolls, and Around the world with Willy Fogg. Button Moon was AWFUL as well. Get involved and have a listen on Youtube.

Tonight I'm off to Body Combat at the gym and then out with some friends. Body Combat is cool but you do feel a bit of a nobber doing some of the moves. So you do like punchy moves and kicking and say "Yah!" etc and then you become all skinny. However I do feel rather put off by my teacher cause shes a bit of a chunker and I think how come?? Am I gonna be like you? Still a chunker but incredibly fit?

Its like when I used to go to Slimming World (at 10 stone WHY?) and the leader was obese. Look, I'm just being honest, she was. Anyway she used to say EVERY WEEK that she refused to be "Fat and Forty" and in my head every week I used to think "but you still are" and she never lost any weight. What a dilludinoid. I like it when the person is all thin so I can wish I were them. Like when I watch Friends. Its like a happy thought to wish I was Rachel. And when I watch Cold Feet and they are all happy in their Sixsome and its my happy thought to wish me and my imaginery sixsome clan would all spend millenium in a castle in Scotland just all happy with what we've got. And like when I think about what I'd do if I won the lottery. ALL HAPPY THOUGHTS. Ah.... Great days (They would be).

I got a call from Pat who used to manage the Oxford Arms Pub in Camden to say that he's got a NEW pub in Camden and opening THIS FRIDAY! I went down to check it out today it looks gooooood. And its off the beaten track which means less tourists cause they can get a bit annoying with all their souveniers cluttering up the place. They don't serve food in their yet but Pat assured me that they would stock Pork Scratchings a plenty so I'm happy. The pub is called The Sheep Tavern and Bay so come along!

Right thats it for today. Bye.

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