Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Your shake is like a fish, you pat me on the head.... You took me out to wine, dine, 69 me, but didn't hear a damn word I said.

Economy driving is my game at the moment. Whenever I'm watching that Money Saving Expert on GMTV I always think gosh, that looks like a drag. But now I'm thinking, hmmmm I really should invest some time in this situation and already I've saved myself £80! Thanks Money Saving Expert and my now not so lazy ass! My sister was saying I should go Pay as you go on my mobile, but I can't bear the thought of having to say to someone "Can you call me back because I haven't got any credit". Also I've had the same number now for years and I'm kinda attached to it. Silly eh?

OMG Spotify RULES! I've revisited Alanis Morrisette's "Jagged Little Pill" today. Great great album. Reminds me of the good old days when I ran for Head Girl at school age 17. My friend Siobhan and I ran a tight campaign (she was my deputy). We erected huge banners around the school in the dead of night and wore sunglasses, black roll neck jumpers and black trousers so as to blend in with the darkness. The day we LOST the campaign coming SECOND, we walked out of school at 11am and headed to her house where we drank port and lemonade and listened to Jagged Little Pill. Then we decided to go out on the lash in Bromley. Happy days. I still think that whole thing was a fix, cos I was well popular with the students but the teachers didn't take me seriously. I have no idea why.
Although, saying that I did end up jacking my A-Levels in about three months later and going to Orpington College to do them instead. IN YOUR FACE, SCHOOL! I passed with flying colours! ALL THREE. Yeah man, POKE IT!

I had a nice weekend. I ended up doing my three centre with GUSTO. Finishing up in Clapham at a pub where I'd filmed a big section of the documentary I was in in 2005 on BBC3. ("How to get Lucky with Leanne") SO, it kind of depressed me to be back there again. I decided to combat this depression by getting in every single photo that my mate was taking for Ollie's 30th Birthday. Yeah. Good one. At one point I made ALL of the lads pick me up. In my head I looked really gorgeous in this photo but in the cold light of Facebook, I looked like Shamu. It had to go.

Saturday I had a hangover AND the fear which was a bit crap. Luckily, the night wasn't as bad as I'd imagined so all was good. I was due to go to my mate Sam's house to meet her fiance' and see the kids. They'd invited their friend over as well to make up the numbers which was nice of them. I knew their mate anyway having worked with him 12 years ago at TV Travel Shop. AS it was such a lovely day we ended up sitting out in the back garden and drinking beer and then had a lovely lunch. I actually quite liked the friend, he's very funny which I happen to find agreeable. I dunno, it was refreshing you know to be in a laid back, comfortable and enjoyable situation. Note to self: I must hang around with these non-pretentious types more often.

Sunday I didn't do the radio show cause I didn't feel well but perked up later on in the arvo. I decided to trek up to Blackheath to see the donkeys. They were as sad as ever but I noticed they had some water which was nice. My friend came to meet me and we went for a drink. Unfortunately the night before she'd been in quite a rough pub in Bromley and had been attacked by this FREAK of a girl. It was a case of mistaken identity it turned out, but tell that to my mate who had half of her hair ripped out. Disgusting scum. We had a nice time despite this unhappy news and I headed back at about 8:30pm. The sun was just setting across the heath and it looked beautiful.

Just had a quick revisit to the theme tune from "Cities of Gold" on youtube with my friend Joel. Bless him he was like "Yeah the bird, the gold bird! The gold bird that flies. It flies. See? Its flying." hahahaha.


Until next time.


Anonymous said...

Do you know if I can download the doco "How to get Lucky with Leanne" from the internet somewhere?

Leanne Diggins said...

Nope but I'm considering uploading it... I will think on it and if I do I'll let y'all know. Its pretty embarrassing if I'm honest!

Anonymous said...

Great, can you post the url on your blog when you have uploaded it? Don't be embarrassed, how many people are fourtunate to have a doco made about them in the first place!

I have to admit that I hate those audience being led by a dickhead shows. Here we have "So you think you can dance". These great dancers go out and get slammed by pricks sitting in arm chairs.

Good luck with your hot date on Thursday.