Monday, 6 April 2009

Now your grip's too strong, can't catch love with a net or a gun.

OMG how good is The Apprentice. Very good, that's how. I LOVE it. This week I'll have to BBCi player it cause I have Catface Comedy on wednesday. But that's ok! That's more than ok if last month's is anything to go on. I was a bit worried about audience figures but they've come piling in at the last minute so all good.

Right. Now this weekend was pretty cool. Friday night I did a four centre night out. Starting out in the pub in camden and then heading to my mate Leo's leaving drinks in town. THEN onto Emily's 30th birthday drinks. (by now I was battered) And then onto meeting my mate Caroline after her gig for some further drinks. I've come to the conclusion that I can't say no. At one point Friday I thought, ya know, it's probably better I go home. But instead went to McDonalds and got an immediate 2nd wind enabling me to actually make sense when I spoke. Paid for it BIGTIME saturday morning. BAD BAD hangover. My only comfort (and how sad is this) was that people's updates on Facebook were like "Chris - bring water, ill." etc etc So its not JUST me. That's the trouble with hangovers/drinking they make you paranoid android.

Saturday I managed to get up around 12pm and then did chores. Exciting. Then got dressed and ready for some filming action over at Greenwich with my pal Katy. We started off so sprightly and then after a while started to accidentally depress each other. Stuff like "I know this sounds awful but I really want a man with money and I want him to BE a man ya know?." Etc. "look at all those happy people. Selfish bastards" etc. And then we went to the pub but couldn't even afford alcohol so settled for lime and soda. Man wise it was slim pickings. As I waited in the Gypsy Moth for our drinks for a grand total of 15 minutes there were two men in front of me having a conversation on whether they'd tell the other one's wife about their cheating. The answer of course was "no.". And THEN, THEN, it emerged that their wives were waiting seated completely unaware of all this a few yards away from them. What fine upstanding men! Fucking hell. Depressing. We left soon after this.

Had a nice night in though troughing on food and not drinking. Really needed a night off so I could speak properly on the radio show the next day. It was pretty cool. I had lots of listeners who seemed to appreciate the music which was ace. The weather Sunday morning was amazing - instantly magics one into happiness. Good old Vitamin D. After the show I went down to revisit one of my favourite statues in London. Its of a lion catching a gazelle right near Victoria station, its very cool. I showed it to my mate Tom when he visited from Manchester a few years ago. Obviously, I thought of him as I checked it out and then he appeared in my dream last night. It was mental. Won't bore you with the details, can barely remember it myself to be fair. Anyway, so I did that then headed back to the old homestead, it clouded over so somehow I spent the entire afternoon chatting to mates on text, email and phone and listening back to the radio show. Why did I tell people about a limerick I sent to my old teacher when I was 15.

My mouth needs to be more obedient.

And finally, as mentioned before it is indeed Catface Comedy this wednesday from 8pm at the Betsey Trotwood. Its going to be a great night so come down if you're about.

Till next time.


Anonymous said...

Do you have Catface Comedy Erotic Dancers?

Leanne Diggins said...

Yup sure do!