Friday, 24 April 2009

Sometimes you can't make you can do is to fake it.

I really hope this nice weather isn't our quota for the year. Its lush isn't it. Makes everyone in a better mood and that's a fact. I'm noticing a shift in commuter behaviour for the better as well. Today on the Northern Line I was lost in thought, when suddenly the driver braked really sharply and everyone clung onto the bar. I found myself bracing for impact but it all came to nothing and we began to move again. For a brief moment I wondered if the driver had braked because of an animal on the track. What would it be though? A huge turtle that's been roaming underground since being flushed down the lav in the late eighties for not being Donatello perhaps?.... Anyway - So I looked around at my fellow passengers and we all kind of looked at each other in an understanding fashion, like we were all saying "Phew, that was scary eh?" and I thought, ah that's nice. Some normality. Usually when I look to my commuter buddies for reassurance they look at me like I'm mad.......saying with their eyes "what severe braking? I didn't notice anything.... " And then I feel like a knob. Anyway its the Sun that's done this, I'm telling you.

The Apprentice just gets better and better doesn't it. I LOVE Geordie Phillip. He's so angry. I dislike intensely that bitch Ben. What is THAT. He's a mad man. Sir Alan's gonna see him off I'm sure.

Today at work we've got a concert in the main atrium with free beer, wine and snacks! Yeah man I love that shit.

I was thinking about Fraser Island this week because there was a horrible crash there last weekend. I knew something like that would happen, cos it really is a white knuckle ride going up and down those beaches in the 4wheel Drive things. I remember not only being scared of the Dingo's but also the general creepy crawlies, snakes etc. The guide's were so flippant about it all. We'd be walking through a rain forest and they'd be like "Try not to get Bit". Erm, by what exactly? " ya know, snakes, spiders, that kinda thing.." What the EFF?
See this clip for confirmation of my point:

I was paranoid throughout the whole trip and at times there were some pretty hairy situations. Like on one day, our guides were making us some lunch and they were like "Go for a walk around the lake and when you come back lunch will be ready" So myself, Katie, Lauren, Dean, Mike and this other guy went off for the walk. I've never heard so much swearing and shrieking in my life (mainly from me)walking around that lake. It wasn't just walking round a lake, it was walking round a lake, through a forest. With spider webs and lizards and snakes. We walked at record speed, it was actually quite traumatic. I remember going through another forest on the island, which was about a 3 mile trek (without our guide, again)and stretched right across the path, was a MAMMOTH spider web complete with fucked up looking spider. There was no way round it.

Suddenly, in the distance there were a group of tourists coming the other way. Our group were just stood staring at the web in a scared fashion. The tourists, coming the other way also stopped and stared at the huge spider. "Well, what the fuck are we going to do?" Someone in the other party said. "Go under it!" someone else said. "I don't think so, it might be the leaping kind..." I helpfully pointed out. Two women crawled under it from our party, but there was no way we would follow. In the end someone got a really long Branch and broke the spider web so the spider swung off to one side of the path. You've never seen so many backpackers running as fast to get past the evil swinging spider.

We weren't allowed to go anywhere on our own on the island because of Dingo's, the minimum party of people was two at a time. If you saw a Dingo you had to stand back to back with whoever you were with and stare it out. Waving of the arms was not permitted. If you were attacked you had to "fight aggressively". What the Eff? Having a fight with a dog? Come on then er.... Rover. Good old Fraser Island. Happy days.

I've just found out about Spotify, its ace. YEAH! Songs come to my computer for free. I'm currently re-discovering Erasure. Oh L'Amour!

Camden Town is a joke today cos of the Camden Crawl. On our forecourt at MTV they've erected this huge screen thing, and there's loads of security and random EMO's milling around. What does it all mean?

Tonight I'm doing a three-centre. First we have the concert thingy at work, then I'm meeting Karen at London Bridge, then onto Clapham for some 30th birthday action. I can't have a late one though cause I have to be up and at my friend's house for 12pm. Sunday its radio show again listen in if you get the chance. from 10am - 12pm.

Here are some pictures of Fraser Island. Demonstrated are the vast white sands, the fresh water lagoons (containing crocodiles I later found out), me throwing a boomerang and the thick forests containing the deadly animals. I'm the one with the pink rucksack.

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Anonymous said...

Scardie cat! There are no crocs on Fraiser! And that u tube video, the shark jumping out the water, it's in South Africa. Don't worry about a bit of the local flora and fauna.... you'll be alright.