Thursday, 9 April 2009

We'll head south, just hold my hand now. I feel like I'm casting off my clothes and I'm running through the snow towards the sunset....

YEAH!!! Well another cracker of a night at Catface Comedy. I love the Betsey Trotwood the owners/managers/staff are all so cool to work with. All of the acts did exceptionally well last night and a couple I hadn't seen were there so I was very pleased that they were all so well received. Thanks to all of them and of course to the erotic dancers and Lou. You lot rock. I was going to take a month out and do the next show in June but someone called the Betsey to book ten tickets for the May show and I just can't turn that away. So, the next show is on the 13th May and I really think you should ALL come. All of you. Just come. You can book tickets by checking out this group here on Facebook. Join up and be in the COOOOL gang.

Right so, time to talk about Twitter. Now, I have no problem with people wanting to join (I'm not one of them) BUT, what I do object to is people that marry Twitter up with Facebook so I have to read 50 billion status updates from the same person. Its like, I don't WANT to read that, and if I did I would be "following" you on Twitter. Just like people can CHOOSE to read this blog.... I mean, I don't print this out and go up to randoms, shoving it under their noses shouting READ THIS! READ THIS! Do I.
Although I enjoy updating my status on Facebook with some stuff that's true and some that's false, I understand that a once a day update (MAX twice) is sufficient. I might consider another cull if this Twitter stuff continues.

I'm so tired today and very much looking forward to this four day break. I plan to watch lots of telly, Red Dwarf mainly and Doctor Who. Tomorrow I'm seeing Ma and Pa and we're going to Borough Market. I intend to look all sad and lonely so they buy me stuff. Also this weekend NEEDS to be a detox for me 'cause I've been eating crap all week. In fact, I'm just about to have a KFC. That's bad isn't it. But sooo good. That's it though. As of tomorrow no more crap. I'm even going to go for a run over Greenwich Park, cause I mean such business.

I'm really looking forward to watching The Apprentice on BBCiplayer. What a great invention that machine is.

And finally don't forget to tune into my radio show this Sunday at 10am. is the website to go to and click listen now. I promise I'll be more perky than I feel right now. I expect you'll all be stuffing your faces with Easter Eggs so what goes better with chocolate on a Sunday? Why, a dose of Leanne Diggins to make your day even more agreeable, that's what I always say.

Enjoy the weekend and I'll write at you soon.

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