Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Before it all ends, before we run out of time.....stay close to me.

WOW what a difference in bank holiday weekends. Three weeks ago I had a bit of a shit one, I have since christened it my Wank Holiday weekend. But this one, this one, was really rather good.

Last Thursday I met up with my pal Leon and we went for beers in Camden. On the way into the pub my mobile started to ring and it was my mate James. As I was with Leon, I cut the call off. Turns out however, he was calling me from inside the pub and had seen me do it. Always awkward. I did the same once when a stand-up friend of mine, Roisin was phoning me and I was in a beer garden and she was outside looking through the gate and I cut the call off twice (Just because we were doing some photos) and she saw all! Luckily she thought it quite amusing. So back to Thursday, James, Leon and I all got very drunk although the boys were far worse than me. I got a kebab on the way home and the meat tasted like bark from a tree. The last text I sent to Leon said , "Shit man, the cab driver's playing Bergerac!" to which he responded "Tune!" Ah, a sign of a good night.

Friday I had a couple of beers in Camden and got home at a reasonable hour, I'm getting better no? The conversation came up again about girls drinking pints and the lads opinion's were mixed. Do you know what though? I really, really don't care anymore what a man might or might not think of a pint drinking girl. Its like, SO WHAT. Don't talk to me then, it matters not to me.

Saturday arvo I was waiting for Ma and Pa to come over whilst watching TV. The show was Britain's Got Talent but the ITV2 one, hosted by Steven "always on the outside lookin in" Mulhern. Anyway, I did a double take when watching cause there before me, trying out for the show was a stand-up comic called Joel Elnaugh. Now, this guy is a quirky fellow and not every one's cup of tea but I happen to like his stuff and his style. He's a bit of a mystery to be honest. Anyway, he went on the show and Simon Cowell & co. were HORRID to him and the audience were being mental animals and shrieking "Off off off!" whilst laughing and going mad. It. WAS. SICKENING. I thought they were absolute pigs to him. And what is it with their mob mentality? It reminded me of Elizabethan Theatre with the Paupers in the Pit being all drunk and unruly whilst simultaneously "bear baiting". Fucking awful and made me feel a little bit sick. Freaks.

Anyway - Saturday I stayed in as usual and Sunday morning headed off early to the studio to the radio show. It was a great one actually, that is, I enjoyed it. Sunday afternoon I was umming and erring about going to a BBQ with my mate Sam and her fiance. Glen. Anyway - I decided to go and got very very drunk indeed which meant I couldn't go on to the party afterwards in Clapham. I had such a lovely time and a guy I've known for a long time asked me out (guy from last saturday at her house for lunch), and so I have a date on thursday! So, we shall see how it goes...

Tomorrow I'm going to Margate with my Pa. It would have been my Grandad's birthday tomorrow (had he not have died) and so we're going to one of the places he liked best, to have shell fish and stare at the big wheel at Bem Bom Brothers (or is it Dreamland again) wistfully. I never got to go in there when I was a young pup, and the one time I did when I was older, I was bitterly disappointed. Stupid wheel, looking all inviting...

And finally, next week it is of course Catface Comedy (13th May) to be precise and tickets seriously are selling quickly so I would recommend you reserve in advance if you are coming.
You can do this by emailing da_catface@hotmail.com

I hope your weekend's were as cool as mine, until next time.

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