Saturday, 18 April 2009

I'll still be doing it the way I do it.... and yet, you try to make me forget who I really am.

Well a crap start to the week and yet a lovely end to it. How we fall, but how we rise again will never cease to amaze me.

Basically it comes down to the fact that I'm a sensitive soul and am growing increasingly tired of people not realising this. This week there were two or three people who have disappointed me with their actions and I let it get to me more than it needed to. Then (of course) I spoke with my pals and they put me straight. If we were on the bridge in "Stand By Me" I'd totally wait for you.

I've thought further now about my plans for the redundancy period. On the 4th July I go to Ibiza (Cala Llonga) as is tradition for a week. Then I come back, and do a STAR STUDDED Catface Comedy on the 15th July. This night is going to sell out in about two seconds because of the acts I'm booking. They will be announced after the next Catface Comedy which is 13th May. Can't wait. Anyway - I come back, do that Catface and then head off the next day to Spain for the Benacassim Festival! I'm so excited. YEAH MAN! The Killers AND Kings of Leon will be there YAY! I'm taking my mouldy tent and we're going to camp. Its me, Lou, her boyf and his mate. I am SOOOOO excited. Then I come back from there and arse about till the end of July. Head BACK to Spain at the beginning of August to stay at my mum and dad's apartment, then.......... unfortunately I'll have to get a job. TEMPING. The thought of temping turns my stomach. Office work. Oh God.

Also having to go to an UGH..........Agency fills me with dread. See, I work in telly so I don't do all that Powerpoint shit. What shall I say when they ask me what I can do on Microsoft office? "ERM.... Yes, well I'm proficient in 'Paint Spa'. I can spray paint my own name...." Ah well Temping will be for just TWO months cause then its off to AUSTRALIA for three months! From October to the beginning of January. OMG, this year is going to be fucking amazing. I knew I'd come up with a plan eventually. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I can't wait to get back to Oz and see my mates, and Steve (Irwin) in spirit. I hope they've simmered down on the "Bindi" merchandise cause that was out of control.

Today I'm in work doing some dubbing and then I'm off to the 'Ton (Orpington to you and me) to see some friends. I've requested I go to my mum and dad's for my tea because they always have nice food.

Don't forget to listen to my radio show tomorrow morning on SW1 radio. Log on from 10am for some ace chat and ace music!

Here are some snaps of Catface Comedy. Have a lovely weekend.

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