Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Moving, just keep moving......well I don't know why to stay, no ties to bind me, no reason to remain.

What a lovely day! And it only means one thing....I have to get my pastey old legs out soon. Which means I'll have to shave. Only joking, or am I? Maybe. Anyway, happy days are here again with the Vit D.

I had a lovely weekend in the end. I went to see my friends in Orpington to show them the video I shot at their wedding. I had a bit of a palava with this. Basically I didn't get it put onto DVD straight away and a month or so ago, I was viewing the wedding off my camcorder, and where I'd had a couple of wines I accidentally pressed record over the footage. It happened upon a (some might say) crucial moment. The vows. Never mind, I brought the mini dv into work on saturday and luckily good old VT Dubbing managed to stitch the tape together seamlessly.

So all you see is me going to sit down after doing my reading and then the next immediate shot is the marrying lady woman person shouting "The Bride and Groom!" and we all cheer. They didn't notice, because the whole vid is far from professional anyway. I only did it so they'd remember each other anyway. It was pretty cool because where my mates were busy getting married, they missed a load of "behind the scenes" stuff which made them laugh alot.

After the viewing we were sat around chatting and my friends were asking about my plans for the year and I said that when I get back from Oz I want to get a job where I can earn buckets of cash. In the old days money really wasn't so much of a driver for me, but as time goes on, I realise that I really need to provide for myself and make sure I'm comfortable. I was telling them both that I enjoy being independent and feel especially grown up. At this stage, my mum and dad pulled up outside and were like "Come on Leanne you have to come with us now." "But I want to stay." I exclaimed. "No, sorry, you need to come back for your tea." I looked well independent and grown up. "Sorry I have to go home now...." I muttered, scuffing my foot in the carpet.

Sunday afternoon after the radio show, I was sat around thinking, I could do with some DVD action and lo and behold there, in my peripheral vision was the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice starring Colin Firth. Why, I hadn't seen that for near on 8 months. YEAH! So I watched a load of that, 5 hours worth and then it was time for "Nuts in May" which was on BBC4. WOW perfect viewing for a Sunday I'm sure you will agree.

This week has been mostly great with all sorts of amazing things happening like, the sky being pink at night, which doesn't only delight shepherds, but me as well. Also, tickets are flying out the door for Catface Comedy on the 13th May which pleases me greatly.

This blog is BORINGO. SOZ!!

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