Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The writing's on the wall, it won't go away, it's an omen....you just run on automation.

Um... so.... a weekend of weirdness. I was actually looking forward to the four day break but after a while I got very, very bored. Friday day-time I met my ma and pa in Borough Market for a mosy around. It was packed but there was so much food it was ace. We went for some yummy lunch and had a really good laugh. My mum's arm is improving (fyi she had a really nasty fall in December and has been off work ever since)which is good news. On friday night I was looking forward to the Red Dwarf marathon on Dave. Hmmmm, I didn't really rate it much, the episode seemed a bit slow. Also the way in which it was shot was too new looking. Still, I did like it a bit. After this they put on Quarantine which is one of my all time favourite episodes (Mr Flibble) and also the one with the "Dove Programme" which I canna remember the title of but a cracker all the same.

Saturday I just lazed about all day long. Like, all day long and then saturday arvo I watched Shirley Valentine. What a great film that is in so many ways. Then it was time for Doctor Who. Absolutely disappointed with this episode and also the backing music. It was like Superman or something. Ah well. Early night anyway so just watched Red Dwarf (again) and then bed. (The second episode seemed marginally better than the first)

Sunday morning was the Radio show which was pretty cool. I played my current favourite song by a band called White Lies. "Farewell to the Fairground". You need to listen to it, its very cool. I was feeling a little bit down after the show but then got a lovely email from an old friend of mine who'd listened to the show and had enjoyed it. So nice to have that little boost of confidence when I really could have done with it.

Sunday afternoon I met up with Evie and co for her boyfriend Matt's birthday. A messy night ensued. *sigh*

Monday I felt really crap and my fantastic mates rallied round. Thank you to all of you for your calls, emails & texts and of course the in-person company. My friend Louisa and I went for some lunch in Greenwich and then walked up through Greenwich park to Blackheath. There's a circus in town (you know how I feel about them) and also a fairground. I saw some donkeys and I went to stroke them and they were so sad. Like properly almost crying. I nearly started crying at this, I tried to make eye contact with one in particular whilst stroking his ears and he looked dead behind the eyes. I wanted to punch their owners faces in. But I didn't and instead we headed to O' Neils and had a couple of glasses of wine and some great chat with Lou. She was on top form and making me really really laugh, she's very cool. Then Stef joined us and we had a really really nice evening. We've decided to write a book, I think its going to be a best seller.

Needless to say from the above, you can probably tell that I'm not feeling the best I can at the moment. Apparently though, things are going to change. Jonathan Cainer, friend to the stars said so, see?

Libra, Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Hear that sound in the distance? That's the cavalry, riding to the rescue. They may be only just in time. You may have only one wheel left on your wagon, arrows piercing your armour, and no resources left to draw on... but they'll soon be here at last and they'll bring with them all they need to make everything OK again. Sorry to sound so melodramatic and sorry too, to suggest that you need 'rescuing'. But you need to know that there's time to think before you make your next move. And it's best if you do that! Now is the right time for you to take an in-depth, up close and personal look at your life.

I hope so Cainer, I hope so.

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