Monday, 22 September 2008

Oooh I just know that something good is gonna happen.

SO! It was my birthday party on saturday and it was much fun. I spent the whole day worrying that things might go wrong, kinda felt like arranging one of my comedy night's. I needn't have stressed so, for it went without a hitch.

When I got to the venue some of my best girl friends had decorated the room in a lovely way complete with a birthday cake made out of cup cakes all with MY FACE ON. Also some lovely photo collages with all of my finest moments in life. Very very nice - thank you lovely friends.


It came to light that both Farringdon and Barbican tube were both shut (nearest tubes to the venue) so everybody was late. At 8:30pm I would be performing a birthday dance just like in the popiular MTV show "My Super Sweet 16". This had to be pushed back cause only 20 odd people had arrived. Anyway eventually I got to do this dance with a nice full room, avec my backing dancers and it was ace. It was to Shirley Bassey's cover of "I'm coming up" Powerful and menacing.


At all of my parties I always hold a Dance off and this year was like no other. With 16 willing participants ready to rumble and fight (dance) for their trophy (which I forgot to bring to the venue). We managed to capture this delightful event on video and I shall be posting this up asap. Thanks to all who got involved and all my friends are mental. Good.

At around 10:30pm my friend SBC (Simon Bonham-Carter) bought me sambuca which was yummy. Then scary Nathan behind the bar gave me another. Soon I was drunk. So then I did drinking of black sambucas which is a bit like tar, I had two of those. THEN my friends gave me a brown shot and then they dropped it in Dr. Pepper and I drank that too. Soon I couldn't remember who I was. But according to the video I had a cracking time leaping about all over the place and being generally extremely boistrous. I had a knee length dress on but still managed to full moon everyone. Lucky everyone.

The next stuff that happened is sketchy but there are flashes of a kebab, and a cab. GREAT DAYS.

When I came to the next day, my dress was covered in Kebab and we so we decided to go for a fry up in Greenwich. I realised I was still pissed as I kept saying stuff like "I feel fine!" "Wow! No hangover" etc etc. Then at 12pm I was nearly sick but in the end it just went back into my insides. I then did sleeping and I was ALL better.

I will be thirty tomorrow.


Louisa said...

It was a wicked night Leanne and I am really glad you had fun.. Can't wait to see the dance off vid.. I can't believe I got down on the floor in my dress must have had too much to drink me thinks haha

Michael Legge said...

Being 30 ROCKS! If I remember rightly...

Leanne Diggins said...

Louisa you will actually piss your pants when you see the footage. I know I did. I love nappy rash.