Thursday, 25 September 2008

Lets have less of getting clever with me.

I am now thirty and if feels FINE. I think the build up is worse than the reality.

On Monday night (birthday eve) my good pal Louisa came over and we drank champagne and at mignight I ripped open my cards with gusto. One of my friends, Heather Bevver had given me four scratch cards and so Louisa did the scratching with a 50 pence coin. The first three were duds but on the last one we TOTALLY thought I'd won £6000. I tried not to get too excited for I knew we were pissed but I'd spent all my winnings in my head in about two seconds. The next day I got one of my colleagues to check the card and he said that I HADN'T won. :-( BOOO. So now I'm skint again.

That day it was busy at work cause a man had gone and shot a load of people in Finland, so as one of the channels I look after is MTV Finland we had to get a one minute black and silent event to air and then everything broke and well, it was a tough day.

In the evening I went for a meal with my close girlfriends and my Ma and Pa. This was ace and we had much much fun. I loves them all I do. Three of the girls clubbed together and bought me a Tiffany Bracelet! I've never had anything from Tiffany. I'm a real girl! And also my friend Patsy bought me a beautiful jewellery box. Thank you.

The next day I took off as hols and watched (FINALLY) Sex and The City DVD. It was pretty good although I do feel it has been hyped up quite severely and there are parts in it that I would have written differently, like I would have said "No" to Big at the end to show that you don't need to be married to have a happy ending. Oh well.

Then I met my old friend Siobhan who I went to school with. She lives in Bahrain with her husband and two dogs and her life sounds GREAT. She has a MAID! I know! We reminisced back to the days when we were 17 and I ran for head girl and Siobhan was my deputy, as usual we bitched about what a FIX it was (we came second).

The day we'd discovered we hadn't won, Siobhan and I went back to her house to listen to "Jagged Little Pill" by Alanis Morrisette, drank some port and lemonade and then hit the town (Bromley). In those days Siobhan and I really really couldn't hold our drink, and all of a sudden my mum and dad found me in a phone box and took me home. The whole thing's a blur. Next day wasn't though, for I puked and puked (whole shell fish muscles) it was vile. Great days.

Tonight I'm off to Gaucho restaurant with my friend Lauren. She's treating me to FRESH MEAT for my birthday. So excited I LOVE steak YAY!!!

K bye.

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