Monday, 29 September 2008

'cause I got too much life, running through my veins, going to waste.

Well an eventful weekend. Friday I was persuaded to go out with work people for 5 drinks and a sambuca. I was quite drunk but not mashed. I bumped into someone I had culled on facebook and I ended up telling him I would re-request him. God I'm such a dick, facebook is mental. I've also noticed that it seems to be a way to send secret messages via status updates.

Like for example I wrote the other day after looking at some people's profiles about how great they were.... "Leanne thinks why don't you all just smug off" obviously meaning it in a jovial fashion (hence the use of smug off) and one of my friends thought I meant her! It was just a random/jokey comment so not meant for one person cause that would be really freakish - and I felt awful that she would think I meant someone specific. I do have friends however that do that, put a comment on their status meant for someone in their "friends" list and I find it all a bit silly. (Although I did do that once about a boy) Oh well, we can't all be great like me. (Oh smug off)

I prefer status updates like Lee Brace's "They call them Breasts! They call them Boobys! That's not their name! That's not their name!"

Anyway back to Friday. So it was a bit weird cause I was outside the pub about 11:30pm and then I went to walk back in and the man said I couldn't go in because I was too PISSED. Now let me tell you something, if I can remember him saying that then I was most certainly not too pissed. Hateful man. I said "Don't talk such nonsense." My friend Patsy helpfully added "Look, I've seen this girl drink 10 pints of stella's and a sambuca and still be able stand!" (I'd had a big dinner that particular night) I realised that arguing with the bouncer might get me in trouble and make me appear more drunk so we all decided to get cabs home. Next weird thing that happened was that one of the passengers in the cab decided to storm off out of the cab! I dunno strange stuff, felt a bit like a full moon.

The next day I had to go to Orpington to visit my Nannie. I was determined not to be late after my night of drinking and I wasn't. My dad and I got to her about midday and as usual it was all a bit upsetting. I find it very hard to control my anxiety when I'm in places like that and the floor feels all wobbly. At the moment my nan seems mainly to speak German (her native tongue) and I did french at school so can't understand her. She talks and talks and all you can do is say yes or Oh and really? And then I felt a bit worn out, having just fed her her dessert and it was quite messy. I sat there for a bit calmly whilst she chattered on. I started to feel a bit sad and she suddenly said to me in crystal clear english, "You know, you don't have to keep looking....... because you're a very beautiful girl. Do you know I love you?" I said "Yes I do know, I love you too." Then she went back to chattering away in German about a bowl I think, because she kept putting her fingers in her dessert bowl. I love my Nan I do.

After this my dad dropped me at my friend James's house for his 30th Birthday garden party. It was so so lovely. Loadsa kids rambling about, I taught them about nature. I showed them brambles, fern and greenhouse products also how to beat their hands on Sam's yoga ball to make a loud noise! They loved me. I didn't drink anything alcoholic cause I hate being anything other than sober around children, namely because I think they're constantly looking at me and thinking "you dick."

That night I headed home for an early night for it was Radio fun the following morning! Please join in next week 10 - 12pm on and click listen now.

It's Catface Comedy this wednesday on at the Slaughtered Lamb so come on down, the price is right.

K Bye.

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