Thursday, 4 September 2008

He's riding on down, to rescue me.

My friend Karen just met Gok Wan in Covent Garden! He came up to her with camera in toe and asked her beauty questions! WOWOWOWOW! How cool is that! Good old Gok, isn't he tall!

Tonight it's Catface Comedy on at the Slaughtered Lamb featuring stand-up from Mowten, Caroline Mabey, Paul F Taylor, Claire Stroud and Dan Hoy. Also of course featuring ME the host and of course the fantastic Catface Comedy Dancers. Come on down, I'm muchly looking forward to it.

Out of the blue yesterday I had an MSN from a girl called Sandra who I met in 2005 whilst filming the BBC1 documentary "Secret of the Sexes". We were both involved in a Speed Dating experiment where in we had all these tests carried out on us which would help the scientists decipher who we each might choose in a speed date as a match. It was all a load of crap basically but I met some really interesting people in it, one of which got me into doing stand-up. For some reason he wants nothing to do with me now - I think he felt stitched up by the show and thought I was in on it. Which I was not.

Anyway, whatever, this Sandra girl was really nice and for a while after the show we did MSNing and all that. She contacted me yesterday to say she was getting married this saturday! How cool is that? She met her Parisian lover in a the dead of winter in a coffee shop and he swept her off her feet. What a lovely tale eh? Made my day.

So it seems that my cull on Facebook needs to be explained. I will cull you if I never see you anymore, we never speak and we know nothing about each other anymore. With this in mind I got rid of a few people. Yesterday I ran into one of them at work who, a few months ago I'd had an incident or four with when drunk but which never would go any further. So, after we hadn't spoken for a while I thought, well, you're not even based in this office so CULL. Nothing personal just trying to get numbers down.

Then my friend tells me he has a new girlfriend now which is great news but if he discovers I've culled him he'll think its because of that! And it SO isn't. Total coincidence. So then I thought should I re-request friendship with him? Then I thought why the fuck am I worrying about this? Then I was walking along at work yesterday and was seeing if my friend Kate was in the canteen, and she wasn't so I went upstairs. Only realising then that this person was near the canteen and that it looked like the moment I saw him I'd spun on my heel and walked in the other direction. What do you think? Am I being too para? And all because of a cull.

Then after this another person I'd culled on facebook again for the simple reasons that we never speak, never see each other and know nothing about each other contacted me on MSN. And it was awkward cause I thought maybe he's contacting me cause he thinks I've culled him and wonders why but I couldn't bring myself to say anything.

Nevertheless, I'm doing another cull next week. Please don't be offended if you are a person culled, it's only because we never speak, we don't know each other anymore and never see each other. Basically you bring nothing to the table and neither do I, to yours.

I just got over excited when Facebook came out, that's all.

In other news SW1 Radio is BACK. Finally. My regular slot starts on Sunday 14th September 10:00am - 12pm and will be available for you to listen to on the internet here: I really hope you'll be able to listen in, even if you have a massive hangover cause its sunday an' all.
So that's 14th September 10:00am - 12pm! YAY!

And finally, I had a dream that I was pregnant and that the baby's hand came out of my belly button. What does it all mean?


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