Friday, 3 October 2008

You got me smilin' got me smilin' when I think of you.

Y'ello. Friday already and its winter outdoors. Today I wore a scarf and I'm going to buy some mittens so I have paws. I've had a pretty good week. I was worried about coming into work on monday after Friday's exploits but as usual I'd built it up in my head and the reality amounted to nothing. Paranoia can play havoc with one's mind though can't it.

Finally completed the voice over for the TMF Awards in Belgium. You try saying "And the nominees are!" in a sexy voice 5 times. Then be told to re-do it in an excited voice. 5 times. Hard! Ah well so glad its sorted and I got a nice sum of money for it which will go towards Australia which is 5 weeks TODAY. Bloody hell its gonna be fun but I've really limited cashage. I must see my Steve's (Irwin) zoo too or I'll be gutted. We haven't actually planned much about the trip yet but we're gonna do it next week. I got me my rucksack and EVERYTHING - its got loadsa compartments to hide stuff.

I watched a documentary on 4OD this week called the 9/11 faker. It was about a woman who said that she had survived the attacks on that day and had lost her finance'.... BUT SHE WAS LYING, cause she wasn't even in the buildings. Nevertheless, the programme brought back all the memories of that horrible day. I was off work that day but my boyfriend at the time was working at Canary Wharf and he and colleagues were evacuated and sent home and there were no planes allowed over London. I distinctly remember going out in the garden and thinking "this is the end of the world." cause it genuinely felt that way. Utter madness, truly horrid times. But nice and uplifting for a friday eh?

Ah I'm being set up with a MAN soon how good is that? Finally a friend has come through for me and is going to set me up with a single friend of hers. I haven't had a date in ages and am glad, because when I was doing internet dating a few months back I got a bit too used to them and it ended up being a chore..........having to sit there pretending to be interested in what someone's saying and the only way out is to become drunk so I'd do this and then think I loved them and then the next day have to send a text trying to get out of seeing 'em again. Sigh. Think I just talked myself out of this date.

I had one of those dreams the other night about a lad that you wouldn't normally fancy by day but after the dream you become totally in love with. I loved him for a whole day but now it's wearing off.

Sunday I've got my radio show so please tune in if you can be arsed - 10am - 12pm. Go to and click listen now.

Have a loverly weekend. BYE.

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Anonymous said...

you played cliff richard today... it was so alarming that I have had to spend the rest of the day shuddering under a duvet.