Tuesday, 2 December 2008

I got a brand new attitude and I'm gonna wear it tonight...

I can't believe I only managed three blogs whilst on nearly a month's hols in Australia. People up to now have irritated me with there cooing of Oz. But they were so very right.

I got up to Sydney and Byron Bay last blog and also a bit about Steve's zoo. God Byron Bay is beautiful. But it all is. The people, the weather, the lads, the kids even! They don't do that thing they do here, you know....that thing......... stabbing.

After Byron Bay we continued our travels up to Brisbane where we were picked up my old pal Alex who emigrated a couple of years ago and got wed to his lady Jo. He picked us up and we decided to for a couple of beers (Tooeys New) and then went off to his house. Yes house. A three bedroom one, one that looks like this (actually this very one)

So yeah we went there and had a loverly barbque. I did the cooking and it were' ace. My favourite bottles of wine were available in litre screw top bottles ( I only realised this once the wine had been consumed "hey, how comes I'm so drunk?") Happy days. He has a great life set up there with a nice big house, garden, dog, cat the full shabang. The next day I had another one of my "special" hangovers so didn't rise until 1pm.

The following tuesday (day after Steve's zoo visit) we went on a 3 dy trip to Frazer Island. This place was amazing, with a 75 mile beach. We were with a tour guide called Rob who drove us about in a 4 wheel drive which was mental. I've never been thrown around so much in my life, t literally felt like our spines were disintegrating whenever we went over a bump. We drove directly on the beach sometimes splashing in the sea as well. Beautiful, amazing, marvellous etc. We'd previously met up with my good friend Katie and she came along with us. On the trip we teamed up with nice girl called Hannah too and a couple of northern lads called Dean and Mike. They were all a right good craic. Rob, our tour guide, totally wanted to bone Hannah as soon as he saw her. I made it known that I knew of his intentions.

Up to now we hadn't seen any dingo's although all over the island there were warning signs of what to do and what not to do if you saw one. You weren't meant to go anywhere alone in case a load of them jumped you. I was pretty scared so went everywhere in pairs or groups. We finally saw one and it was soooooooo cute for it had a babba and it was washing her. Scary my arse.

At Frazer, you're not allowed to splash about in the sea coz of sharks which are rife apparently, so instead we went in the FRESH WATER LAKES that were dotted about the island. It was like something out of dirty dancing 'cept no one would pick me up. Night time consisted of going to a bar riddled with Crickets and putting Rick Astley on the juke box. Just so happened that both Dean and Mike were massive fans. They love the cheese (being cheesy is easy as they said)but after my presuming they were thus "together" realised this was just me wrongly stereotyping. I particularly loved the fact they thought I looked a bit like Kimberley out of Girls Aloud. Then it was time to call up Samantha Buca, and this we did with gusto. Then we thought why not go on the beach and look at the stars? So we did this as well. God this place is a different world - I really canna recommend it enough.

The next day in the lake we played rolling down the vertical sandy drop straight into the water and I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Frazer Island rules.

The saturday after Frazer was spent going to Alex and Jo's again and having a disco. I INSISTED on letting his doggie sleep on my bed and eventually passed out fully clothed. The next day they took us to see the glass top mountains and some beaches on the sunshine coast, sooo lovely. I am fully aware that this blog is a bit gushy but I don't care. I'm all gushed up (yick). I'm back to work tomorrow and I really do not wanna be back in the real world again. I've learnt silly things about myself, and also crucial stuff too. I feel relaxed and happy and am now focusing on my next trip back to Oz.

Roll on christmas.....

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