Monday, 24 November 2008

Dancing....with tears in my eyes.

SOOOO! I know I haven't written, but why would I? I'm in Australia of course and am busy being happy.
Here's a brief update on the latest goings on for those who are interested. Last I wrote I was travelling to Sydney to do some Opera house looking and habour bridge gazing. We stayed at a hostel called "Wake up" and how um....kookie it was. Downstairs from the Wake Up place was a pumping disco called "side bar" and in it was a bar and a DJ and LOTS of students doing the good thing. So we joined in by power of sambucas and beer. Then I met a boy who wasn't 17! That is, I met a boy who was drunk and 28 (i think)! And he liked me at the time! YAY. So happy days dancing and staggering and laughing we had until 7am. The night consisted of us going to a casino at about 4am and then somehow I got us chucked out but I'm still yet to know why. I think it was because we was drinking not gambling. But who knows? Not me. Then we went down to a harbour (think it was Darling) and were rolling around on the floor (clothed) whilst commuters pretty much stepped over us. Oh Irish man, we'll always have Darling Harbour. See you on Facebook. Happy days!

Anyway, then the next day (and only full day in Sydney) I couldn't move at all. So I had Macdonalds and went back to bed. Then it was the next day and that day I COULD move so I tramped the streets for a bit and met my friend Abby for some lunch! She tried to convince me to move to Sydney and she almost did you know.

Next stop, Byron Bay and this place I fell in love with. Completely and utterly. I will have to write about this later on though cause its tooo long.

Today though, I went to Steve Irwin's zoo. Now for those who know me, they'll realise that I was devastated on hearing his passing. Today was a little tough if I'm honest, as soon as I walked through the gates, tears were in my eyes, yet I was happy to be stepping where he stepped. I know this might sound stupid to some, but to me it does not. At this Zoo I saw Agro the croc and I cuddled a Kangaroo, not sure if he liked it.

Tomorrow we're off to Fraser Island for a couple o nights. This island is riddled with Dingo's and apparently if you are attacked by one you're to fight aggressively. And not run away. Shit.

Will write proper soon.


Jenette V said...

Hey Leanne, glad you're enjoying Australia so much. We did see a dingo on Fraser, but it had about 20 tourists chasing it and taking photos.....

Insults said...

McDonalds and back to bed? heaven. Not that I believe in heaven but i do believe in great hangover food.

Anonymous said...

Hunks of spunk, and you end up rolling around Darling Harbour with a paddy..... What happened?