Wednesday, 17 December 2008

I'm in over my head you got under my skin, I've got no strength at all....

Yeah so crazy days and not long till christmas. (I hate people who say Crimbo) The week consisted of lots of stuff, like for example Friday my bedroom door jammed shut and I found myself in just my dressing gown not able to get dressed from 8 am to 2pm. Happy days. Didn't end up going to work and my dad had to come round and bash it in. BAH.

Saturday I went to South London Radio to check out their wears and it was pretty cool, they also transmit Time FM and I should be covering a few shows on both channels over the christmas period. Both are FM channels that play out to the south east but I'm still going to be doing SW1 radio so never fear. That night I went up town to meet my pal's Evie and Caroline and also Evie's jamborie (other street performers) for some wines. I did lots of wine drinking, too much to leave at a suitable time infact! I met a nice guy but I think he may have been put off by my drunkness (?) or he may just be a mentalist. Who knows! (I suspect a little from column A and a a little from column B) The next day after three hours of sleep I had to get up to do the radio show. I know I crossed the mark on this particular show, not swearing and stuff but just being a a little bit rude about some celebs but we did get more callers and emails than usual so I take that as a good sign.

Sunday arvo I prepared a sumptuous buffet for some girlfriends of which they hardly ate any - All claiming to have had big dinners before they came out. Whatever! We had a lovely chat and a few glasses of wine. The only strange bit was when I mentioned to my friend Katy (who lives on the 5th floor of my building) about a girl called Nicola who lives on my floor. I was telling Katy that we should get her involved with our jolly japes a bit more as I think she's a little unhappy here and would appreciate some neighbourly gestures. Katy agreed that we'd do this, but the next day an email went round saying that Nicola had died on friday. I couldn't believe this news, completely gobsmacked was I and incredibly upset. I also learnt that day, that my mum has had a nasty fall down a whole flight of stairs and had badly broken her arm (bit between elbow and shoulder) and put her back out and has multple bruises including a black eye. Could have been much worse so I must be glad for that but you know when you just think, now how about a bit of good news?

One thing I'm looking forward to is heading out to Covent Garden tonight for me and my homey's Christmas meal. We go out every year or at least get together and swap presents. I hope they like mine, I'm crapola at Christmas shopping. WhenI ventured out monday morning to Greenwich for some shopping, I knew it'd be awful as soon as I stepped out of my block of flats cause there was a man pissing up against our post boxes. I didn't see him at first as I was looking up at my window to admire my fairy lights on the tree. I backed right into him and he goes "sorry miss" but was bending over and making straining noises as I suppose he tried to clench his (mid-flow) piss in. It was down hill from there on. Like I was walking along the street and caught a glimpse of my haggard face in the barber shop window and exclaimed "God!" as I was so outraged at my weathered look. A lady infront of me turned around all indignant as if I'd meant to say "god" to her. So I said "Oh I wasn't saying God at you I was saying it cause I glimpsed my weathered face in the mirror". She didn't even react or give me a sisterly high five. MOOOOODY. Anyhow I managed to do most of my shopping & finishing the rest online today.

Anyway - I'm looking after my mum today so gonna go downstairs to sit with her now. Byeee.


Local Girl said...

OI OIII I am now officially subscribed so I wont miss a post. You should put the link somewhere so otheres can do the same xx

Leanne Diggins said...

Ah wow I didn't even know that I could do subscribey stuff!! Cool fanks Caroline xx