Friday, 26 December 2008

The feeling has gone only you and I, it means nothing to me.

Hmmm so Boxing day it is. I have to say a little bit disappointed with this year's festivities. I know its no-one's fault that my mum was in Hospital (she came out yesterday arvo) but it meant Christmas was a most unchristmassy christmas.. I did make christmas dinner and we read the cracker's shit jokes. Unfortunately my dad's one had a note in it saying that he wasn't my real father and him and my mum had a row. (It's all sorted now.)

Telly on Christmas day was pretty good, though I found the Royle Family a bit strange - seems to be on the unrealistic side this year - like the Turkey saga. Still funny but not quite the same vibe. Also this is the first one where they seem to have moved from the usual living room setting which was weird. Blackadder Rides Again was very good. Interestingly enough me and my dad had previously been watching THe Blackadder Christmas Carol and were discussing the amount of public appearances Rowan Atkinson doesn't do...So it was quite lovely to see him speaking on the Documentary at 10:30pm. I bloody missed Doctor Who didn't I. S'cause I decided to watch A Boy Called Alex on channel 4 and I lost track of time. Presumably it'll be repeated, I mean I watched last year's Christmas Special on the flight to Australia so got there eventually. Didn't really rate it to be fair, Kylie looked haggard.

Going back a bit, Christmas Eve was as messy as predicted. My dad had to come and get me at 10:30pm and I knew he'd be in a stress so I bought him meat and chips from the kebab shop - didn't seem to make much of a difference. I always feel especially juvenile around my parents. I'm 30 now, yet things seem to be the same. When do you reckon they'll take me seriously? Prolly when I stop being picked up from the pub on Christmas Eve, sat on the pavement, battered, with a doner kebab as a peace offering. I'd have been grateful if it were the other way round.

I'm off to my friend Karen's house today for some jolly times. I need to go via my flat as A, my fish will be STARVING and B, I left my mobile phone there Christmas Eve morning. Imagine the amount of texts and calls I'll have missed! Millions I expect. Specially from boys, loads from spunky lads! Never fear boys I shall retrieve my moby in less than four short hours. Lucky you.

I've got my radio show on Sunday morning 10am -12pm so would love for you to have a little listen in. and click listen now. I hope everyone else had a nice day, it sure seemed that way on smug old Facebook status updates. Great days.

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